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This humble shop is a small paradise for hobbyists who collect blind boxed quirky figures/charms/etc. These guys do the opening and identifying for you, so you know what exactly what you're paying for, instead of dishing wads of cash on blind boxes in an vain attempt to finish your collection (not speaking from personal experience -- honest!). If you think that sucks the fun out of collecting, then they do sell unopened boxes to fill the needs of those feeling lucky or want a surprise.

Dinkybox also has a nice collection of Japanese figures (such as pinky street and revoltech), as well as books and manga supplies. They don't quite have the biggest selection around, but it's a nice shop with a reliable service and great prices. I'd say it's worth a browse.


I'm usually skeptical about buying clothes online since I've have problems with many sites but Yesstyle is one of the few I'd say is pretty good. The clothes are very attractive and there is a really big selection of styles. The website itself is very easy to browse and its easy to find what you're looking for.
Delivery is super quick, especially if you choose clothes that 'ship within 1-2 days'. I ordered on Sunday night and it arrived today -- rather quick for clothes that are imported!
All the shirts and jumper fitted perfectly and I will definitely use this service again.

My only gripes with the site is that the delivery is quite expensive, but understandably so since the clothes are imported from Asia. I think its best to order lots of clothes at once so that the delivery fee is worth it. Plus, you get can free delivery if you order enough.

Another problem is that many of the clothes are one-size only, and mostly suit to a medium to petite frame. They don't seem to really cater to anyone who is a UK size 14 and above, much to the disappointment of some my friends.

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Hi M.K.,

We are very glad to hear that you had a pleasant shopping experience with us. We also have a plus size collection for your friend. You are welcome to send the below link to your friend:

Once again, thank you for sharing your shopping experience with us.


The YesStyle Team

Cult Pens

Highly Recommended!!

If I could give Cultpens more than 5 stars, I would. One of the best online stores I've used! Very quick delivery (arrived in less than 2 days) and an easy to use website. I would not have been disappointed if my package came a bit late in this busy christmas period, but I'm surprised that it managed to arrive today!
The products I've ordered is good quality and exactly what I was looking for. Would use this website again, once I run out of supplies.


Would use again.

Once I checked in my luggage and it was sent on the plane to Scotland rather than Ireland! Luckily, they managed to recover it by sending it to residence I was staying at. Never checking-in luggage again!
That being said, having used Easyjet a few times, the flight deals are great and the website itself is very easy to use. Definately recommended if you want an quick get-away.


Used it for years!

Be careful where you hunt for your goods -- some might not be what you expect! The tip is if it seems too good to be true, then its probably is. Poor quality, bootlegs and cheap knock-offs can all be found here.

That being said, search wisely, and you will uncover some things to your liking. ;)

Never again!

Headphones never came after more than a month. Emailed them 3 times in that month and recieved automated replies telling me to wait longer. Finally, after 5 weeks later, they said they'll send me a returns/refund form for my missing order within 24 hours. A week later and I still haven't recieved this form! 6 weeks in total wasted waiting and no headphones.

The rest of the orders I've made have taken longer than a week or two to arrive. Terrible service! Use Amazon!



They appear to give you a lot of few credits when you first sign up. I ordered a few custom goodies from this site and the quality seems to be fairly good. One of the items I customised was a jewellery bag and the printing quality seems to be a little off, but I suppose I can't complain since it was part of the free customising credit items. The rest of the purchases were fine, and the material quality was quite good.

Quick delivery too. Overall, pretty satisfied.


Reliable, quick delivery. Very easy to personalized your own card. The selection of cards are fun and quirky too. Highly recommended!


Probably never again.

Slow delivery! Ordered some books for college from Waterstones and they took ages to arrive. I've also noticed I could buy the same books from another store for considerably cheaper. Wish I did my research.

What you pay for is what you get...

The quality of the materials they use is rather... questionable. On one of the boots I bought, one of the hooks fell off after one day. The buttons on the jacket I bought also falls off easily, and I've had to sow them back into place!
Despite this, I'm not too disappointed, because indeed, 'quality costs more' and is one of the many who reinforce this creed. I'd hope they would have prove me wrong though.


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