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Unlock Code for Sanyo HVR-DX625H

In March 2011, I sent a request for the unlock code for my
Sanyo HVR-DX625H DVD/VCR. There was a code on the list already for a HVR-DX625, but this would not work for my machine. After waiting for a couple of weeks I decided to try the code for a previous model
(HVR-DX610), which was successful. Whenever I emailed the company about my request I received prompt replies to my queries.
I feel this is a valuable site with codes for many makes and models, and feel the initial fee is fair considering that I can now access the codes for other models when the need arises, and this is included in the initial fee.(No need to pay each time I need a new code).
I recommend this service to anyone needing it. Be patient as the manufacturers are very reluctant to supply these codes to anyone.
Alan Peek.

PROFILO - Alan Peek

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Alan Peek
Maschio, 1954
Penrith NSW, Australia

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