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Down with late payment charges

totally disagree with late payment fees - I will not give greedy companies who prey on the poor my custom - have just cancelled my phone with them. feels good to be free of them.


Can't fault them

Love the fact you can reserve on line - so never disapointed if there's no stock. friendly staff too.


Great info site

Got cheap prescription glasses, free tickets to Ideal Home exhibition and the christmas one in November, this site is full of really useful information for everyone, it's a must for everyone.


Great place to shop

Nice staff, clear prices, good value food, and spend over £45 and you get it delivered free! brilliant.


Honest opinion

Basically a good company but I disagree with late payment charges - it is a tax on the poor, and lets face it if we were rich we wouldn't be buying from a catalogue. I am slowly going to pay off what I owe and will not give them my custom anymore as I have done with other companies such as BT.

PROFILO - miggy

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Donna, 1960
london, Regno Unito

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