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great idea.

Would be nice if there was a greater reward for the time taken to write reviews.


great service

I just found these a little expensive, but you do get some great products from them.


great prces,

I had one problem with a tarrif that was made out of date and i weas not notified, otherwise this would of been 5 star


Great products and even better prices

Its a good idea to take a look at the free postage items, as sometimes these items cost less than the postage, meaning you save money and get more for the money you spend.


great shops

These days you cant expect much for £1 but these guys manage to provide some really good stuff.


Fantastic prices

this is a great company, i just find there website to crammed, items need more space.


They really need to work on customer services

Tried to buy a product from the parts counter, just to find the staff were outside fitting a new stereo in one staff members car!!!


very good service but too much junk mail after

I found the service i had with them to be great, but the amount of junk mail you get after is unreal, i ended up putting it in the junk mail box, now meaning all there emails go in there, so in effect it has backfired on them, as i now see no advertising from them at all. One email a month would be plenty


Has to be 5 stars

It the only place that i can walk into needing a specific component and actually buy it. I can buy many parts online but then have to wait for delivery, with maplin you can get most parts of the shelf in the shop.


great products pity about after support

Great products, just a pity its so hard to find drivers and other support for products on there site. there staff in the store are really pushy with sales too.


Very poor customer services

A friend of mine requested his number be withheld and over 1 year on they had still failed to do it. very poor, needless to say they broke there part of his contract and he moved to another provider.


great site, really easy to find items

I have had a couple of items brought there were faulty, but i only needed to take them back and i got refund or replacement.


Simply the best

Cant say much more than make it your home page.


Must have PAYPAL

I cant see how this is legal but they force you to use PAYPAL if you want to sell on there site. I am looking into how they get away with this and will update in the near future.

Fones Zone

Has to be 5 star for service alone

The first number i received failed to work BUT, within 6hrs the company had provided me with a way of unlocking my phone. Any company would of had the same trouble with the normal unlock code, but i dont think many companys would of been so quick in finding a solution.

Great site and great company

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