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Scam central !!!!

I recently purchased a website from flippa, at first everything seemed ok but after the money was passed over it seemed that the seller was not too interested,

On doing further research i noticed that the seller was loggin in all the time from Iran,

the website did not function correctly so I kept emailing the seller to resolve this and I would wait over a week for a one line response similar to "I will have a look and let you know" they never did,

I eventually pushed and pushed and managed to get a few things corrected but all along they did not want to know even though in thier listing it saidthey provide full after support, I then advertised the website with google adwords and started to get an ok response to the website with some daily sales, after two weeks of this i recieved an email from the seller saying that I had hit my monthly bandwidth usage and they wanted $100 a month if I wanted to carry on using the site,

I went crazy as the listing stated there was no running costs whatsoever and i was only having 50 people a day visit the site,

at this point I suspected fraud and informed them of this and said I would not pay them what they had asked,

they somehow hacked intot he back office systems of the website and the website management in which they advised me to change the passwords for, and blocked me from using the website and have not given any refund or money back they are simply ignoring me,

I then disputed the sale through flippa as they have a dispute function, well its a total waste of time as thier response was that after payment has been made they do not get involved with disputes !!!!!!! why have a dispute function then ? .......... I am assuming they have a dispute button in order to make people feel like its a safe way to shop but people !!!! its not Flippa will not get involved whatsoever in any dispute, they do not regulate their sellers check address or verify them well you can verify with a voip number which anyone can get, basically what im saying is if you are thinking of buying with flippa then your on your own they could not care, all you can do is leave negative feedback although they can just set up another profile, anyhow I checked on the sellers recent sales and the websites they had sold as you can see and they all have the same address and telephone number on their contact page and their is no answer from the people they have apparnatly sold the site too, all of these sites had left feedback but the sites seem to be inactive and have the same address..... yes you are right, fake feedback !!!!! flippa will let you be scammed and paypal do not protect any transactions that are digital goods or files, so the only hope you have is to charge your card back with your bank if you used that through paypal, I am awaiting the result of that,

basically flippa have allowed someone from Iran to advertise on their website stating they are based in americal with a verified telephone number which does not work when I have tried to call, but the seller is in Iran it shows you after you have purchased things where they are logging in from..... when I have reported fraud....... THEY DONT CARE !!!!! Flippa allow you to be scammed right under their nose and could not care less !!!!!

DO NOT USE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way the sellers name is (php coder) but they use various other login names the websites look great and the listing looks good but dont be fooled, be careful of sellers that log in from Iran !!!!


Excellent quality

Really pleased with the collar :)

No Collection and no apology

I paid for a collection they took my money no one turned up for collection although the tracking report shows collection point closed.

No one from collect my parcel has contacted me to say sorry or anything ?????

Should a company be allowed to take your money and no provide the service ???

I have seen similar negative reviews and I see the response is that the carriage company that you use is to blame and you do not take the responsibility so I am pretty sure your response to this review will be the same that its city links fault and not yours.


Collect my parcel have offered a service and collect my parcel have taken my money there for it is the responsibility of collect my parcel to make sure my goods are collected and delivered.

I accept that things can go wrong from time to time but I can not accept that you have not contacted me to say sorry and to offer some solution.

You can not just take peoples money and walk away like thats just fine !!!!!

There is no excuse !

giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Risposta da limited

Thanks for the review. You've never contacted us regarding this booking so how could we ever know there was a problem and that something needed to be sorted out. We could have re-booked for the next day, cancelled and refunded your payment. We try very hard to provide excellent customer service but can't if you don't tell us there is a problem. We have refunded your payment and e-mailed you and hope you will reply. No has replied to us, we believe this to be a fake review.


Very good service

great friendly service and good communication and collected and delivered ontime.

would recommend

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