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Myukdelivery failed to pick-up and failed to respond to requests to reschedule

Last week I arranged for myukdelivery to pick up an item from an ebay seller in Birmingham and deliver to Bedford. This was scheduled for a Thursday morning. The seller waited in. The pickup didn't happen. Despite phone calls and emails from me over the last 7 days, I have not been able to get the company to respond. Its always 'I'll get my supervisor to call you'. I have been advised by Trading Standards that they are in Breach of Contract and I have asked for a refund. I can't recommend this company to anyone based on this (lack of) service.

Update: Interesting that the company has responded within 20 minutes of my post whilst completely ignoring my calls and emails for a whole week. They need to explain (1) why the original pickup which was scheduled by them for a workday morning (in fact I told them that any time that day up to 2pm was OK) didn't happen. (2) Why they did not respond to me at all when I tried to schedule a new pickup - Both myself and the pickupee were aware that this would be morning or afternoon ie working hours. I stand by my original comments.

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sabato 20 agosto 2011

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Hi Glyn.

I am sorry if there has been some confusion on the pick up time of your booking, on this particular service which is next day the collection is during working hours.

you have been fully refunded and once again thank you for your interest in My UK delivery.

kind regards

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