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Website can get better

I have been a customer for long. I want them to be able to remember my details my cars details my credit card details if I opt to. I want the site to allow me in with a username and password and allow me to see all my previous bookings without me having to recall a booking number. I want to feel that I am a known customer to them otherwise it is easy enough to go to any other site and book through them afresh

mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Risposta da SkyParkSecure Ltd.

Thank you for your comments.

We are currently developing a customer loyalty programme and will be emailing all existing customers as soon as we launch.

Customer Service Team

Excellent in everything

Easy to find what you want. Good website fast delivery


Poor Service of Tesco online

Why on earth I have my bottled water order limited as if I live in communist Soviet Union?!!!!!
When I order withing that limit, I still am delivered only half what I ordered.
Will never use Tesco online again.


Fast delivery. Excellent pice.

PROFILO - Customer: O Morris

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