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Appalling service.

I really wish Amazon would stop using these guys. So many late deliveries and surly customer service, but because it's not me that uses them directly that my only option is not to use Amazon. Which is, frankly, ridiculous.


Average products, but too much sleight of hand

If you're careful you can get a good deal, but this place will hide the real price as much as possible and nickel and dime you all the way. The quality of the cards are a bit cheap too. I had quite a few orders from them for a while, but the cards almost always curled, or had shoddy colour reproduction. The minute you go to a proper printer, you see what quality is like and for not much more (or sometimes cheaper).

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domenica 22 aprile 2012

Risposta da Vistaprint

Our sincere apology for any inconvenience.
Please note that the issue can be solved by a simple call to our customer support who will transmit the query to the quality department and get back to you by e-mail with surely a satisfying response.
our free toll number is 0800 496 0350, thank you for your time.

Almost perfect

Love the price. Love the delivery. Love the product. Shame about the phone call trying to sell me extended warranty that a quick calculation exposed as being a high percentage of the purchase price, especially considering the product already had a two year manufacturers warranty. But I'll happily buy from them again - just please don't pester me to buy something I'd already turned down online.



The site you love to hate, but let's face it, you keep going back throughout the day.

Not the cheapest, not the fastest, not necessarily the best. But not the worst either.

I ordered a top-of-the-range washer/dryer from electricshop. They imply they offer a price match, but when I phoned since I'd found it a few quid cheaper elsewhere, I was told because they offer a longer warranty, they couldn't price match. Bah. But they had it in stock, so I ordered anyway. But despite being in stock, it still took a week to deliver. When it arrived, it was in perfect condition, and the delivery guys where helpful enough and arrived with a text notification before they got there.

Overall not blown away by the experience, but not that disappointed either. Would I recommend to a friend; probably not, but only because I wouldn't necessarily remember the lukewarm service.

PROFILO - Pete Shaw

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Pete Shaw
Maschio, 1966
London, Regno Unito

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