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good service

good service from company


used once

used once never agian but was crap



very fast delivery and very cheap would use again



cheaper than tesco just so cheap shop here you will save a packet


best by far

best by far


good company but use crap couriers

i orderd items 1st december still not her as of 15th dec reported missing told they have been signed for so i am lieing. told me if i no pay will call police. there courier stole itewm i got pay so i am buying his x-mas present.

no way take me to court i wil sue your ass


most shit company

date:14/12/10 time 19.08pm

i ordered from jacamo on 1st december and order was despatched on 3rd december under 3-5 working days witch is friday 10th december .no item here phone jacamo on saturday the gave me tracking number so i track show's at hub 18.42pm on 3 december so checked again sunday states at depot so checked again monday 13th december states out for delivery at 5.26am now today is 14th december stil not here so phoned my hemres told was delivery on monday nigh8pm cause no answer at door was left in my garage, (lol where my garage i don't have one) i phoned jacamo told them still don't have they have charge to my acount --they tell me hermes don't lie that i have item. i say i don't so they say will get back to me. 5.30m -------------- 6.20pm police at door jacamo say i trying to fruad them.

don't use this company don't please don't i am begging you.

PROFILO - ross ward

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