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Pet Supermarket

Great product, easy checkout, sluggish delivery.

This is a tremendous on-line store with a all-encompassing product line which is easy to browse or search. Prices are competitive and are generally cheaper than local pet stores. The product I wanted was out of stock so I was offered the option of an email to alert me when it became available. I wanted a dino-guz to replace my dog's lost favourite toy. As promised I got the email [outstanding service so far], went to the website, made my order and paid via PayPal and then waited and waited. THREE WEEKS is not really acceptable. I do a lot of shopping on-line (I am disabled) and have learned to expect a seven day turnaround give or take... Some companies (Amazon) manage a next-day delivery, I understand that that is not going to be possible for smaller operations but the long wait spoilt an otherwise blissful shopping experience. I will shop here again believing this to be an isolated incident and I would recommend the site.

PROFILO - Idris Jones

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