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I just don't undertand

I love Pizza. I never thought I'd see a TV advert telling me that a £9.99 Pizza was a "deal" though.

Unbelievable - tell us something is a bargain, and we believe it?
Surely we are talking about £1.20's worth of content?


Serious stuff here.

Security rich, feature rich, and fast moving -PayPal seem to be the one to use for you money handling requirements.


Over anxious to integrate everything for 2012?

Whilst I love the famous Google minimalist Search jobby, two occasions within a month of each other have had me wondering about Google's direction.
1) The interface for gmail is NOT intuitive - and seems, with each 'upgrade' to be getting steadily more nebulous, "guess what that does" "Guess WHERE that might be now?" Why?

2) Sought, downloaded, and installed the latest incarnation of Picasa yesterday - and bugger-me sideways if it didn't need to search AGAIN through an 87 zillion gigthingy external hard-drive in order to rebuild its database. OK, never mind - I'll open the wine then shall I? Not a problem is it? But when reminding the program about faces the choices I needed to wade through, or edit (delete, in other words) had been imported from my 'phone! (Android - of course, hence the 'integration' in the title - see?) Now do I really have photos of "Doctor" "Taxi" "Pizza" or all the other numbers in my phone? MUCH more likely that a desktop version of Picasa is going to have photos whose labels only feintly resemble my contact list, and more closely resemble photo TYPE,PLACE. Please stop integrating - I WANT TO CHOOSE - not you!

Mr Memory

Absolutely Perfect

The selection process for the type of RAM you need is faultless, and from there you go into the purchasing pages (whilst still able to manipulate amount(s) in shopping trolley, basket, cart, thingy.

Items arrive at your doorstep about 10 seconds after your hand has released the Mouse (it seems) and packaging, even labeling on the RAM itself - all inspire confidence.

I think I've discovered a new favourite.

PROFILO - Steve Evans, Lecturer, Web-coder.

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