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Fast and safe

They have many payment options and if the game key is in stock it's sent in minutes. Support said I'll get mine within 15 minutes but I got it as soon as I paid (using PayPal). The site prices are also quite good :)


Scam and fraud website

The site owners can/will attempt to scam you through something that looks legal at one point but will turn the odds against you and sue you. Stay as far away as you can!

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Almost spam

From what I used it, it's really useless and I only got spam in my email


Fast, cheap, beautiful!

The post cards get delievered fast, they're quite cheap and they looks really nice in reality. A must use website/app!


Pay what you want!

The site offers you Indie games for the price you chose. You can buy a bundle from 1 cent and up, but get Steam keys only if you pay over 1$. The idea if one of the best ever imagined and I love it! I bought some of these bundles already and I love em :)



The best service for gamers I ever found on the web! It's just really epic, the sales they hold are dirt cheap and you can talk with friend while playing games(even if they're not bought in Steam)!
I do mind the downtime that happens sometimes, but usually it's scheduled, so I won't argue with that


Passes the time

It's a nice site that I visit to pass the time :)
However sometimes there's just too much too see on there


It's okay but nothing more that that

The site provides you to sing and rate how well you do that. It does this good most of the time, but some times it just misses it.
The premium feature is rubbish and isn't worth paying for.

Their support is horrible. They never reply to my tickets even if I am a premium member. I would expect more from them!


They're just too good

They make epic OS' and Office is very useful too. I use their products every single day! :D


Nice website

I read tweets and it passes the time


Passes the time

You tube passes the time many times, however I really hate it when it goes down or loads videos really slow. Their ads are also annoying


Talk and share

Skype is very efficient to share files and talk online. I use it daily and I love it! Their program looks very nice and has many features. Their calling prices to landlines and stuff like that are cheap.
It's too epic to describe!


Very useful and fast

Google has so many features that I use and all of them are very good! Their search engine is super fast. Their translator helps me out many times etc etc
Their browser, Chrome, is also super fast and looks very nice and it's the only browser I want to use!
Long live Google


Safe, fast, efficient

I use PayPal for buying on the web because I feel it's the safest. Their support is fast and helps in a matter of minutes, up to a day. I like pay pal a LOT!
Their fees are a bit expensive, but I never really sent any money, so that's not a problem for me at all.


That was fast

I have bought a CD key, the anti-fraud email came within an hour and it was reviewed within minutes.
I successfull got my key after that.
Very nice and cheap site!

PROFILO - Matevž Špacapan

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Matevž Špacapan
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I use online shopping sites a lot and I will try to write reviews over here about that :)