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Best accommodation experience ever!

I have had experiences with four different student accommodation companies but my experience with Student Castle is the best.

I moved in to Student Castle, Pro Cathedral, Bristol five months ago.
-It is very important for me to know that the company cares about the customer opinions. Student Castle cares about their students' opinions and they find a solution immediately if you have any problems.
-They reply to your emails very quickly.
-There's someone on site 24 hours so it feels safer and if you lose your key or forget it in your room, you will still be able to get in.
-The rooms not only look nice but they also used high quality products inside.
-The staff are very friendly and smiling all the time.

Crm Students

Never trust this company!

I stayed in CRM College Green Bristol for two years and it was my worst accommodation experience.

-They are never in the office during office hours.
-They don't reply to your emails if you have a problem.
-Their automatic payment system sometimes doesn't work and they never give you a warning that they couldn't manage to take the money from your account (so that they can charge you for being late).
I had to pay a charge because my payment was one day late (and I didn't even get a warning that there was a problem with the payment).
-But they never pay you on time! They were meant to pay my deposit back within a month but they paid it after 6 months.
-There's no one on site at night time so they will not let you in if you don't have your keys!
-On my second year of stay there, I was outside the country and there has been a problem with the payment again (I wasn't warned again). And when I realised the problem by myself, I emailed one of the staff asking if this was going to create any problems while I move in, I also said that I would make the payment on my arrival. He said that it wouldn't be a problem and that they would let me in. But on the day of my flight, I received another email just 5 minutes before my flight from someone else saying that they were not going to let me in before I made the payment. As I was about to depart, I couldn't reply but I called them as soon as I landed. I told them that I was going to make the payment as soon as I arrive at the building but as it was night time, they didn't come to open the door for me so I had to find a hotel by myself in the middle of the night.
I stayed there the previous year as well and they knew that I made all my payments on time and they knew that I never created any problems before. Even if they were not going to let me in, they should have mentioned this earlier so that I could find another solution to make the payment. As you can see, they never care about their students, all they care about is the money.

-The lift never works.
-If you need maintenance, be aware that they will take ages to send a repairman to your room.
-There's always a problem with the cinema.
-Packages! This is a huge problem, as they are not in the office most of the time, they don't take your packages most of the times so you might have to walk to the post office many times which is 40 minutes away from the building.
-The heating it not good. The heather turn off after 30 minutes and you can't turn it on whenever you need to. Extra heaters are not allowed. My heater stopped working and I bought a small heater until they fixed the normal one but when they came to my room, they took the heater while I was out and without asking my permission.

I stayed in many other student accommodation places and never had these kind of problems before. As a result, please avoid choosing this company for your own benefit. There are much better companies out there who care about their customers.


Very reliable and safe!

I'm using paypal regularly and never had any problems with it.


Very reliable!

I have used THY's website many times and never had any problems!

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Very reliable!

Very reliable and great customer service!


Very reliable!

very reliable!



Reliable but high prices!


Best search engine

Best and simplest search engine!


Very reliable!

Very reliable but the delivery time might be a bit later than expected!


Very reliable!

I'm using ebay regularly and never had problems with it.
Customer service is great, they offer 24/7 chat service.

SmartBuyGlasses UK

Really disappointing!

I've been calling, leaving messages and emailing the company and no one bothers to reply!
It has also been more than 10 days and I still haven't received my glasses!

mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Risposta da SmartBuyGlasses UK

Hello Narden,
As stated on our website, the average processing time is 5 to 12 working days as we have to order directly from our Italian suppliers, however,and as specified by automatic email notification, the item your ordered is on back-order.

We usually reply to all emails within 24 hours and since you couldn't reach us by phone you could have requested by email to call you back providing your phone number and hours of availability. 

As requested, your order was already cancelled and refund was processed back to the account you used to place the order. Please note that it can take 2 or 3 days for your bank to approve the refund.
If you have any questions, or if you need a refund proof to check the transaction with your bank, please contact us at
Best Regards,
Augustin | SBG

PROFILO - Narden Sonel

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Narden Sonel
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Music student at University of Bristol