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I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy

I've only put one star because the system won't let you put none. I am just about to get out of a two year contract with this dreadful company. There 'customer service' set up is appalling. I had no phone at all for nearly a month after they set up my 'service'. I couldn't get anyone in the company to take any notice at all. I couldn't speak to anyone in authority or anyone local - let alone an engineer. The call centre robots simply wouldn't let me and hung up on my if I tried to insist. There was no offer of compensation despite the fact that I was paying line rental for no service. They are rude, dismissive and uncaring. The phone and broadband service have gone up and down like a yoyo ever since we've had them and recently even the TV is packing up. On a whim, the TV on demand or rewind live TV services are simply 'unavailable at this time'. Oh, and a word of warning if that wasn't enough - if you pay on line through your bank even on the day you get the bill, they sit on your payment for 10 DAYS and then charge you £10 because it's late. But nobody tells you this. I was having my umpteenth argument about it on the phone to them before a more human call centre worker told me that was why the 'late payment' was happening. Just DON'T DO IT!

Handles 4 Doors Ltd

An excellent specialist service

I've been trying to get hold of a particular type of door handle for my Edwardian house for years. 5 minutes 'talking' to your advisor on instant chat and i knew exactly what to get, and helpfully, what it was called! I ordered the door handles at about 4pm and they arrived the following morning. I put them on myself in minutes and they look great. After many failed attempts trying to get anything useful out of staff at giant DIY chains, I now know it pays to go to a specialist.

PROFILO - Liz Woolf

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