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The Orange Tree in Cressing Road, Braintree is excellent

Good food cheap.
Large portions, good quality, friendly staff.
Management that listen to customers.
Sunday lunches highly recommended but you may have to wait if you arrive much after 12:30


Excellent service and tasty food

Visited Braintree's Prezzos with 15 others at lunchtime. Service was excellent and everyone got their food at the same time, piping hot. But why oh why is a 10% service charge added because there are more than 7 people at the table? It's optional but appears on the bill and cannot be left off and when paying the cashier makes the point that the bill is being paid without the service charge. As it turns out they received more than a 10% tip.
It just seems morally wrong to add this automatically, presumably in the hope people will not question it.


Internet glasses

I've used this company twice now and found them very helpful, answering any queries quickly and accurately. And the glasses were exactly as described - reading glasses that actually fit properly for around £12.


Best burger bar

You cannot beat a Whopper with cheese! I've never experienced a bad one. I've always found the staff to be helpful, polite and friendly and the food is exactly what I expect. Braintree Freeport is my local and I look forward to my regular visits there.


Oriental buffet

Aroma in Braintree, near Freeport is a great place for "as much as you can eat" at a very affordable price. Apart from Oriental food there are also pizza, burgers and curries available some of the time. Try the Tepanyaki where your choice of food is cooked in front of you. Be aware it is a very open plan canteen style environment which puts some people off but is ideally suited for this type of eating.


Broadband and telephone

People keep telling me how much trouble they have but I've found the service to be good, connections fairly reliable and excellent customer service on the telephone albeit a little difficult to understand with the various accents.


Secure site to pay bills

Have been using Paypal for a few years and never experienced any problems.


Basic 'no frills' flight

The luggage charge seems to be steadily increasing but I have no complaints with the service or flights. I just wish they hadn't stopped flying to Nantes from Stansted.

Good product at a reasonable price

The only drawback was it was expected on Wednesday but didn't arrive until Thursday. That aside the product is exactly what I wanted and works well.

PROFILO - Alex Watts

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Retired enjoying ten pin bowling and working out at Xpect gym.
I eat out regularly at various restaurants/pubs.