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Transglobal Express


I've been sending packages through Transglobal for 5 years now and never had cause for complaint. However, saying this, I do wish they would have a back button in order to review /add things, it is very infuriating, when all you hard work get's wiped out due to the lack of this facility. Their prices are very, very good/competitive, when sending parcels to Mexico/Thailand/Sardinia/USA, to name a few places and is so much cheaper than paying the airlines to take extra luggage and not having to wait for it to come around the carousel at your destination too. Why not give it a go, you have nothing to loose, insurance is included and it saves so much time and hassle.


Ordered 3 items but 1 was OFS. However the Mini satchel and boots both arrived very quickly. I love the mini satchel, but got caught in the rain with the boots and they watermarked very badly so cannot wear again :-(


Not bad but customer service is dreadful

Was with this network for a quite a few years. When the customer service was in the UK, it was so much better. Problems were ironed out in a jiffy and satisfactorily, but since the customer services have been in Asia, they have really gone down the pan. It took nearly the whole length of my 24 month contract to get a phone that actually worked. I notified them within 7 days of starting the contract, that the phone didn't recieve a signal indoors, but nothing was done about it, just phone calls and messages asking me to "rate" my customer service experience. I completely lost count of the number of calls to CS to report the same problem and finally, when someone did (sort of) listen, there were no records of me every reporting it before the previous 6 months!!! Anyway I finally did get another phone (because it failed completely and I was fedup with contributing towards 3's christmas parties - oh yes they'd taken my money every month), not a new one but a refurbished model, which was better than nothing as at least I could make, recieve calls, messages ect. in my own home, without going outside to use it!! My advise would be to go with a company that has call centres/customer service in the UK , understand what the employee is actually saying, they understand your problem, without reading from a script and leaving you on hold for ages and ages,(I almost lost the will to live, on several occasions) while they "speak to a manager". All in all this was a good company until the customer services/call centres were sent to Asia.


Charge you fees - even for the postage

I hate Paypal, they should be allowed not charge you fees on the postage costs that are added into the payment. Ebay bully you into using Paypal (they are owned by Ebay) and therefore get massive fees out of sellers.


Prices should be cheaper than any other supermarket

I do use Aldi, occasionally and only when their product prices are lower than any other supermarket (which they should be) and not compare their prices with other supermarkets who allow you to pay with credit cards as they are a "cash only" company.


Put up prices fast than a ferret up a drainpipe

Tesco sucks. Eggs went up in our local store by 24p on Monday 12/03/2012 as soon as the annoucement about the EU not complying with cage sizes. Aldi's eggs stayed the same price 99p for 10 but Tesco's £1.19 for ten smaller eggs. What a rip off! When they give money off petrol they recoup it three fold by 1. increasing the price of the petrol, 2. increasing item prices in their stores, 3. Leaving higher priced articles on the shelves and not re-stocking with lower priced similar items. They have had numerous small shops closed down, because they could not compete with Tesco's buying power then once all small shops closed prices increase dramatically. Staff (especially the supervisors and those on the deli and fish counters), get all the best reduced prices, they have them put away until their shifts finish, and only then what is left is put out for the general public to buy when staff already get a discount off their food purchases. All in all check out prices everywhere else before handing your hard earned cash over to Tesco. Asda & Morrison's usually have better prices. Tesco rely on captive markets when all other shops in the vicinity have gone out of business. Support your small family shops, you'll get far better customer service before Tesco is the only name you'll see on the high streets and prices will be sky high.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.


Purchased this for a friend, who had been given rave reviews for this product. The item came well packed and the post was fast too :-) I would thoroughly recommend this site to anyone and the price was amazing.(I would have bought this from a small local chemist, but they did not stock it.)

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