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What a great resturant...!!They are starting to do some other fab stuff like large salads if you're in to that sort of thing and they always have new pizza's coming out all the time.

Thanks Pizzaexpressxx


Cluck Cluck....Nando's tastic!!!

Other than the great food from Nando's the restaurants always offer a great experience and they set the scene very well.

They are a great example of sticking to what you are good at!!...if it's frying chickens which is what it in their case, then I'm sure you'll make a fortune:-)

Peri Peri Garlic sauce...I could drink that stuff:-)


Best phone ever

What can I say about the apple i phone 4s...brilliant brilliant! But if it goes wrong then phone apple, I wouldn't say that about many companies but they have truly an outstanding service team that can fix your phone. I upgraded the operating system on my new phone and it kept crashing. So I called Apple and they fixed it there and then.

Brilliant service thanks:-)

Moon pIg

Great idea which works and they deliver:-) moon pig you're great



Well when I first used them I was sceptical. I always thought that they would let me down....but no they are a fantastic outfit, they really know a lot about customer service. If they say the delivery is going to be there the next day it will be there:)



Something I thought I'd never do....put any of your personal details on line!

Facebook is a great site which has brought people together. We love sharing pictures with my friends for everyone to see. Thanks Facebook :-)

John Lewis

John Lewis brilliant

If you want quality at an affordable price with good service go to John Lewis. These people really know how to look after the customer:-)



Probably one of the worst companies I have ever come across! I've had two most unsatisfactory experiences with this company. They are not even worth one star!! Make sure you use Parcel force or someone else even use a Donkey if you have to, but don't use DHL for anything.

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O2 Phone

I've been an o2 customer for over 10 years and they have seamed to have got better and better in terms of their service but also there rececption in a lot of areas has got much better. For example a few years ago I struggled with the reception at home but now I get a full signal. A great helpful service too:-)



Ebay are ok! Their on-line site is vast which lets your experience down a little bit. I'm not the best tech head so I find their site quite difficult. However unless you have a problem with anything their process seems to be efficient enough! Brilliant service:-)

I've had a great experience with, they are really helpful and go out of there way to make you a happy customer.



Great little site:-)

Thanks Trust pilot you've got a great little site here:-) I think very easy to use and easy to write a review on a company or service. Your rating bar is great and above all you let us tell it how it is....



Not so sure about Sky really!

Sky needs to update its tech before it's left behind! They were good a few years ago but now they seemed to be out of date and expensive! Virgin seems to have the edge I think. As for sky getting the F1 deal I’m not sure if it's going to work! Seems like too much money has changed hands...let’s hope sky deliver, however I've still got to upgrade my sky box to get the channel...nightmare!!


What a load of British GAS...........Whoooorraaaa!

A month ago I wrote a blog about the classic nightmare I had suffered with British Gas since I first received an incorrect gas bill in September.

The problem revolves around the fact that, despite repeated requests, British Gas’s billing department kept failing to send me a correct bill. Everytime I called up about this I received an apology and was assured a correct bill was on the way.

However, while the billing department was repeatedly cocking up my bill, another department was sending me demands for £31.45!!!!

I’d been told I didn’t owe. These started as reminders, then became red letters, a threat of disconnection, notice of legal action and finally an ‘urgent’ notice that the company was getting a warrant to enter my parents home and disconnect the gas with the police potentially present.

Understandably, the threat of the heavies arriving to cut off my gas seriously worried me as my parents are quite old. British Gas were hounding me for £31.45, they admitted I didn’t owe, but everyone who had promised to sort this out had failed to do so.

Don't use this company they are a nightmare

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Money crap-market... not so super!!!!

Well I’ve been searching for a good site to buy my pet insurance and money supermarket isn't it unfortunately!!! It's a very difficult site to use and then crashes when you finally get to book your insurance. I called them and they said it's probably your computer :-(

So why could I book my Pet Insurance with another company within 15mins on the same day! Seems like someone’s telling fibs..

Sort it out Money Supermarket!!!!!


Once again not that good!...I had a really bad Curry!!!

Yeah been there too!!...bought a washing machine it broke down. They didn't replace it and repaired it, it broke down again and they repaired it again. Finally the machine gave up the ghost and then they finally replaced it 6weeds later!!!!!

What a nightmare Curry’s...service poor....product poor...what can I say except I don't know how you're in business!!

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Yeah you could say that Pc world offers some good money savings...but not really! If you were to look on line at other companies you will find that they offer the same product for less.

I don't know that much about computers but I know how to save £100 by just purchasing a new machine from a different company!

So don’t buy from Pc world and waste your money!!


Expensive Easy Jet!!

I’ve flown a lot of the past few years, as I used to live in South America and I can honestly say that Easy Jet is the worst airline I’ve ever been on! Everyone needs to start to understand that the quality of service is poor and it’s so expensive compared to other airlines I’ve used.
If you’ve ever purchased something on board or taken luggage you’ll know exactly what I mean!!

Don’t use this airline use someone else….


Screw-fix is a brilliant store!!

Screw-fix is a brilliant site for buying DIY stuff. Avoid expensive stores such as B&Q and go straight at Screw-fix I bought a drill to do some DIY on my mums house and it cost me £100 less than it would have cost at B&Q!!!…Thanks Screw-fix. The only problem with Screw-fix is that you can’t look at the product before you buy. But as long as you know what you want then that’s not much of a compromise.

Www Petinsurance

Thank you:-)....

I am writing this as I've just re-newed my pet insurance and I have honestly been searching and searching for a good site to help me find the best pet insurance for my dogs!

What a mine field it is...lots of comparison site that are really complicated and difficult to use. This sort thing isn't my bag as I'm not very good with computers at the best of times!!

However I found this really good site called it was so easy to use, no long forms to fill out just instant results on line. I got my pet insurance sorted within 15mins.
So give them a go! Their email address is:

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I used to live in South America and teach English to young children and adults. I have now moved back to the UK and have moved back in with my mum & dad:-) I am looking for a teaching post here in Milton Keynes. I have two pet dogs called Mork and Orson who I missed dearly whilst I was away.