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Great prices, swift service

I've used petmeds to purchase prescription medicines for my cat for over a year now, and the prices and speed of service have always been excellent. Highly recommended.

The Online Homebrew Company

The other 4 stars on this review are STILL IN TRANSIT FROM MAIN WAREHOUSE

Hooray! I found an old order number from last summer, and can finally add something to the discussion!

In my opinion, the online homebrew company deserves complimenting on only two things:

1) Their ability to swiftly censor/delete ANY kind of bad feedback (mine included) that was left on internet forums, facebook etc about the shoddiness of their operation. They even did a pretty good job of whitewashing Trustpilot for a while! Let's face it; in the age of mass communication, that's a pretty impressive achievement. It's only after the company has ceased trading that I've been able to discover that there were legions of other customers getting exactly the same dismal service that I got.

2) The fact that they did the decent thing and got refunds out to people before the bailiffs arrived. Fair play on that one.

Apart from that, pretty much everything written in the one-star reviews echoes true with me too. This company used to be great - I even recommended them to friends - but something clearly went BADLY wrong over the course of the last 6 months.

In the event that they somehow manage to rise from the dead: AVOID!

P.S. a poster on moneysavingexpert (not sure if we're allowed to link to other forums here, but it's not hard to find if you want to check the story) posted a message a couple of days ago claiming that he attempted to visit the company's office in Rugby, but the site is now closed. Neighbours say bailiffs went in last week and removed all stock and assets.

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