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Scam courier, steer clear!

I am cross with myself for not checking for reviews before handing over my money, but it didn't take long to smell a rat. No confirmation of purchase, or collection order, and nobody answers the phone or responds to emails. I'll contact trading standards and watchdog. Has anyone been successful in getting their money back?

In response to Myukdelivery's response, i categorically have received no communications from you until I left this review. Nobody responded to me chasing the collection. I reserve comment until the refund is processed.

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venerdì 9 marzo 2012

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Hi Anna

Thank you for your genuine review.

Although this is not correct,

you booked with us on wednesday 7th for collection either Thursday the 8th or friday the 9th today.

you then chased your booking up with us yesterday the 8th in which we responded to you at 15.30 in the afternoon you then responded back to us again late yesterday afternoon after not recieving an immediate response from us yesterday afternoon you emailed to cancel your booking in which we responded to you today to confirm we had recieved your request.

My UK delivery is not a scam company, we turn over in excess of 250 bookings per week and we are happy to say that over 95% of our bookings go ahead as planned.

I am sorry if you have felt frustrated with our service.

Kind regards

My UK delivery

My UK delivery update:

Hi Anna after double checking again I will confirm that all emails recieved from yourself have been responded to.... perhaps you could paste onto here the ones that have not ?


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