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InsureandGo UK

Not the easiest site to navigate!

Several times I had problems getting a quote, & had to use the online chat facility. Still had to try a couple of times before success!


I love Easyjet

Even though they only fly from Gatwick to Athens, where my daughter & her family live, & I have to travel for sometimes 2 hours to get to the airport, I have nothing but praise for the staff of Easyjet. I am a very nervous traveller, but have always had a comfortable flight with the airline.


Rubbish bags, rubbish service.

In the end, despite using a Groupon voucher that was supposed to get me a bargain, I paid nearly £30 for a bag far inferior to my usual M & S purchases, with a shoulder strap that was clearly substandard. I was attempting to get a new strap, which they promised to send over 2 weeks ago. I will not be so quick to buy a Groupon or any other 'money saving' voucher! I cannot get Nellypot to respond so I suspect I've cooked my goose now! BEWARE!!

PROFILO - Margaret Barker

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Margaret Barker
Donna, 1945
Cambridge, Regno Unito

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