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Low-cost postage, low-cost product (after checking several sites); delivered next day, well packed. Perfect.


Low price, good quality

Have to admit - was a bit apprehensive using non-proprietary cartridges, but - £80 for original v £20 in this case, it was worth a try. Perfect. Very quick, including changing the delivery address mid-stream, well packed, and cheap. I have bought cheap before from better-known, higher up google ranks companies, and wasted time getting rubbish. We'll be back.


I gave this company a hard time years ago for poor service, but their prices were the best. Within a few months it had the best services- as well as the best prices. And they sell lots more than they used to - I got a great 37" telly (Elonex !?) for less than £300 - which was even more surprising as it was two years ago. Best picture I've seen, and still going strong. Keep an eye on their more unusal items.

martedì 21 febbraio 2012

Risposta da Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for leaving this positive review.

I am very pleased to hear how happy you are with the service we now provide and I apologise if the standard of service was not as high on your previous dealings with Ebuyer.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team if you require any assistance on your orders or any further information on our items.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Simply the best

Best options, best coverage, best service - and now good, informative business web-site. Just want them to lead the way in getting international calls and data costs down.


Excellent - as long as you don't select "Free One-day" (HDNL)

Amazon is my preferred vendor as its reviews / searching, and its mobile version, are so easy to use (too easy !). The one fault I have with them is their inability to select a specific carrier. I - and plenty of others - refuse to use HDNL (or YODEL), but on speaking to Amazon - who are very courteous and understanding - they cannot get out of using them specifically. All I can do is avoid the free one-day option, and select free 1-2 business day service, which is usually post.


No stars

Delivered late - on Valentine's Day. Never answered the phone to respond to query. Never responded to e-mail for 5-6 days, and even then never understaood the issue of delivering so late in the day.


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