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Both Good & Bad!

Microsoft is a double edged sword. On one hand it has given use magnificant products and made our lives better and more interesting. On the other hand, it put out products too early and there are glitches which make our lives hell. XP is but one example. However, there is more good than bad.


I love BBC!

BBC has been my friend for 55 years. Once I lived in Asia FOR 25 YEARS; and the BBC was my only reliable source of news and via shortwave radio (yes! young folks. No internet then!!!) Now I access BBC daily via the internet. i AVOID us NEWS SOURCES AS THEY ARE TOO BIASED!


I like REI!

I have shopped @ REI for years. I like them. However, I do not like REI brand clothing as I feel quality control on their manufacture is lacking. Usely something goes wrong: either bad stiching, a faulty fastner, etc. I buyall of my sports gear from REI, I have big feet and years ago REI stocked large men's shoes. Now that women with small feet have taken over REI, there are few large sizes for men.


Useful but with idiocentricities

I like the old Google. I do not like the new Google. The new Google was forced upon me without my will. Furthermore, there is almost no way to communicate with Google for help in emergencies. My account was hacked, re “pinned” and messages sent to my addressees asking for money. Contacting Google was a nightmare.


Unwieldy but useful travel tool managed by imbeciles

It is an unwieldy toot to use. Once you get used to it, it is useful.

I like the idea that we can submit articles and comments. I have written several. However, one that I wrote on The Congressional Cemetery (in the District of Columbia) contained the web page address for the cemetery. TA rejected the article for that reason, saying that the cemetery was a commercial company & their address could not be mentioned. This cemetery is not! It is church managed and owned. How stupid can TA be? I resubmitted the article and it was ignored. I like many others who have lived in the DC area think the National Cemetery is an internesting place to visit, if not to rest. many interesting folk lie there.


I like Mark & Sparks!

I am a US resident and citizen who worked 25 years in Asia. I always shopped at Marks and Sparks on Oxford Street, London. I especiallly like the way men's trousers are sized and displayed. I still visit the UK twice a year and I head for M&S. I have been a steady customer for about 45 years.


Good service

I have never had a problem using this service.

PROFILO - Robert White

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Robert White
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Born 14 FEB 41. Worked 25 years in Asia as advisor. Afterwards worked in California & Virginia/DC . Douglas AC/Boeing & federal gov Retiree. Lots of software, mainframe computer experience, installed new systems which replaced people managing maintenance, inventory, budget, etc. USAF commissioned officer, foreign service officer, pilot, diver, etc. Travel extensively. Belong to Swiss Alpin Club, annually hike the hohenweg, for maybe 40 years. Once operations officer at the then world's busiest airport (TSN) for USAF air freight and passenger operation.