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You can get cheaper elsewhere, but for under one roof shopping it's great

If you go shop to shop ( no, it doesn't have to be online ) you can find things cheaper elsewhere, but if you like shopping in one place, then it's good.


I'm starting to feel bbc only hires gossipers and "dislexic" people.

Their news isn't quality news, they go for the easy stuff and the quality is rubbish.

BBC used to be the standard setter, but they ask for more from licence payers and give less.

They could also come up with a solution so soldiers serving in other countries could have access to their online iPlayer.


The best search engine, but for how long?

I've always loved Google, but as time goes by you seem to get less of what you ask for.

I remember the early years when you used to ask for something and you got what you asked for, nowdays you ask for something and it tries to predict what else you may have wanted.

It's still the best search engine for me but I do get sad using it, mainly because I think, why not just leave it the way it was, and, how much more are they going to mess it up?


I liked Dell until I contacted their online sales

Once you log on the sales person tries to give you their personal email address, and hounds you to buy from them. I liked Dell but since the time I contacted their sales team online, I've felt uncomfortable dealing with them. They could also work on one charger fits all on their laptops, yes, it can be done, no, they are lying if they tell you otherwise.


a good place to go into

They are a good gaming store. Brand new or second hand they normally have it. the staff are normally helpfull and if you keep an eye out they normally have a special that may suit you.


How does this place still exist?

Why does anyone support this store? The prices are way too high, after sales support is shocking. Their personal brands and technical support team's names keep changing. Whatever you do, if do find you need to buy something from them, make sure it's a brand name and not a brand like advent. Don't listen to their sales staff either. I've gone in there asked them questions and they kinda repeat to you what's on the spec sheet already provided. I doubt they have any IT knowledge and their Tech Support is over priced and basic. Their technical support abilities are pretty much, "we need to install a fresh copy of windows on it" and they charge you. When you buy their brand like advent and want a bios update or driver update, you have to contact them rather than a convenient driver download from their site, it's obviously just another way they rip people off. I could go on forever with negative comments about this store and I can't think of one good comment.

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Good for browsing... Can always get a better deal elsewhere.

For convenience it's good, if you need something right now. Prices are way too high otherwise. I've stopped gonig in there but if money isn't a problem for you, the shopping experience is good.


A very one way site but you expect it.

Argos is more of a catalog store, everyone knows that so you get what's expected. I love shopping at Argos because you buy from argos and if there are problems, you only deal with Argos. The only problem I've has is where I booked something online to fetch instore and pitched up to find they had their stock levels wrong. Home delivery is something they need to work on, it's a kind of it'll get there when it gets there, because of this I never use home delivery, so I always have a good time with Argos.


Pretty good experience.

The only problem I've had with them is that they should have better compatability for soldiers and their families serving out the country. The descriptions could be a bit better too, Amazon should try harder at enforcing better descriptions. Otherwise you get what you buy, there aren't hidden costs and the few communications I've had have been good.


It depends on the seller / buyer, as long as you don't have to get eBay involved.

As long as the seller / buyer and yourself do a good deal, which I have to admit is more times than not, the experience is good. If you have to get eBay involved even if you do get to an operator you may as well still be talking to a machine, I've sat on the other side of the phone thinking, do you really get people this thick? I'd say 90% of dealings I've had on eBay have been good, both buying 80% and selling 20%. Things do get resolved on eBay, but on eBays terms and they always end up taking forever and leave you more frustrated than you were before contacting them.

I've only ever had good experience with

The prices are always competitive, there are times I've found prices cheaper elsewhere, but that's normal, but mostly cheaper at The delivery is free, spot on, and I can't say I have any complaints. I've never comunicated with them so can't say anything about that.

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