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Horrid Service!

Horrible customer service! Almost 1 month so far and no replacement for my RMA CPU.


Cheap, but cheap for a reason.

90% of the order was delivered next day. Remaining item took 4 phone calls over the space of one and a half weeks with all the excuses under the sun to get them to ship. They simply do not care about the customer.

Cheap but Poor Customer Service

Firstly they use DPD - Enough said about DPD as a courier :)

Secondly - Poor packaging

Thirdly - I've been trying to return an item for the past 4 days as per the Long Distance Sales Agreement. They don't respond to emails nor answer the phone. DDI for returns is 0121 202 0033 (Good luck with that)

Fourth - No PayPal payments accepted as obviously a fair few people like myself would have requested refunds

Fifth - Minimum £45 restocking fee if returned products are damaged in anyway

Sixth - One star because they are cheap - So worth a punt providing your product does not develop a fault

Finally, I'm not going to waste my time with an RMA as these guys are obviously working on a shoestring budget and will no doubt take ages to process my RMA. I'll just have to sell my item on eBay and remember never to buy from again just for the sake of a couple of quid.

The rest of my order will be going through Aria PC.

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Failed to supply wifes 40th Birthday Present!

I ordered a very nice present, the ad said delivery within 2 to 3 days i paid extra to make this happen. then on day of delivery recieved an email saying out of stock for one month. called customer services who said that had been rervised to 2 to 3 months. then recieved an email after asking for my money to be refunded, saying that my complaint and refund could have been dealt with quicker if i had gone on line.
Missed the birthday, no present as the money takes up to 5 days to go back into account. VERY POOR the delivery shown on the site should reflect some thing like the delivery time.


I would like to strongly warn everyone!!

Unfortunately I'm forced to write really poor feedback.I would like to strongly warn everyone .I never delt before with such unprofessional company. I bought Ausus 24inch monitor ,after few days received completely different item HP 23 inch .I rang them immediately to report. Lady on the OYYY customer care line promised that my Asus will be send and delivered at the collection day of the wrong HP monitor. At that point there was't any problem.Fully understand that this things can happen.BUT when courier collected wrong HP monitor,I rang them to confirm when I will get my ASUS. once again Lady on the phone assured that my Asus will be delivered same day. At the end of the day rang them once again ,and in that point i got info that there is no stock of the item originally bought by me. My money will be refunded day there was still no refund from OYYY rang them once again and I have been told that need to wait till they will receive HP monitor-extra one more day.Full procedure took 10 days ,and at least 10 phone calls to 0870..... Lost a lot of time and additionally money to call them.Couldn't work at home almost two weeks because my old monitor broke down. spend two long days on waiting for the courier And on the top of that waiting for refund was so unacceptable.

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Great as long as things go right - but when they go wrong - oh dear...

I shopped with Novatech since they started. I'm just a private buyer, so nothing that might change their share prices one way or another. Their prices were (are) competitive but I'd never had to return anything before.

My recent experience trying to buy a HD enclosure certainly changed my view. They sent the wrong unit. Not a calamity - everyone makes mistakes, and I judge a business on how efficiently it deals with its mistakes. I was happy to keep the unit they sent - an HD enclosure is a HD enclosure, though I'd have preferred it to match the earlier unit I'd bought. But it failed within a few minutes of start up - didn't take long to establish it was the external power supply.

The ensuing correspondence to arrange a replacement had me wondering if anyone was actually reading my emails - the same stock replies resulted whatever I said. Not to worry - return was arranged, though I had to post the unit, as their collection service proved difficult to arrange given the queue every time I phoned customer support. They promised to refund part of the postage (part? whatever happened to the distance selling regulations?).

And the replacement came quickly enough to be sure. Despite emails and an enclosed letter requesting they supply the unit I'd ordered (which their website confirmed they had ample stocks of) the replacement was of the SAME WRONG UNIT!!!! This time adding insult to injury with a package missing leads and software.

Like many folks with PCs, I have a drawer full of bits and pieces, so the unit was soon in operation - I was by now kind of desperate to have the spare HD I'd picked up in the Xmas sales actually in operation.

The postage refund? Of whole or part, no sign - I'm not even surprised any more.

They're fired - of course. If only because there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Pity - they used to be one of the best around.

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CCL Computers


I wish I had seen this site before I ordered a new WebCam.

It did not come next day and had the same issues with customer service as others have. Unhelpful, never ring back etc.

Did find out though that if in stock at local depot they come out same day but if they are coming from the manufacturers they could take several days so worthwhile asking this before ordering and paying for next day.

I caught them out by asking for the name of the courier and the tracking number so I could check for myself. At this point they admitted that it had not yet been despatched. Try this if they are giving you the run around.

I have eventually received my webcam ( thru Parcelforce not City-Link as advised !!! ) but not happy with all the hassle that went with it so won't use CCL again :-(

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Perfect service!!

Ordered a £1600 overclocked 4.80Ghz gaming PC, and came 6 days later. The sales team rang me the morning before to tell me it was ready for dispatch. They also gave me a free steam voucher for the new Dirt 3 PC game!!

PC is amazing, looks great inside and out, and no problems at all. Have had this PC for 5 months now and not a single glitch still at 4.8!! Thank you aria!

Very happy customer!!

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