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5 stars for tv, 1 star for broadband

couldnt live without sky tv, couldnt wait to get rid of their broadband.

upto 20 meg?? we got 0.6 meg.

it honestly felt slower than my old dial-up.


ok if housebound

i tried them twice & never again.
they send food that is about to go out of date.
e.g. i ordered 6 chilled ready meals (3 for 2 deal) and would have been ideal for work. when they arrived they all had to be eaten on that same day, or the day after.
i rang them and asked how on earth anyone would think i could eat 6 ready meals within 2 days. they did refund 50% but not the point.


total carp and getting expensive

i used to love primark for work clothes & pj's.
whilst being poor quality and coming away after a few washes - they were cheap enough to throw them away.

like most other "cheap" companies, they have used price to build a good reputation, opened loads of stores, then started to hike the prices of their products.

i can now get better quality clothing and pj's for the same price, at a supermarket.


far too expensive

£30 to feed 2 people?? no thanks.
only used them as they had a special offer, the food was just bland.
their online status of order check is a brilliant idea - but i doubt it is accurate.
i received my food 40 mins after it was out for delivery.


excellent broadband, poor customer service

thankfully I havent had to contact talk-talk many times for my mam's broadband (she rarely has any problems).
unfortunately when i did contact them, they were totally useless - obviously reading from a script.
if talk-talk brought their customer services back to the uk - i would consider switching my home broadband.
nothing against our offshore friends - they just dont understand me and it isnt fair on me or them.


never had a problem

i have igoogle as my homepage and would never use any other search engine either at home or office.
My default browser is google chrome.


too expensive

ebay used to be a fab way to get rid of your old stuff.
unfortunately they got greedy.


10 years with no problems

I have held contracts with vodafone for apx 10 years. Never had a problem with signal or customer services. I currently have 2 contracts running, mine and my teenage son's. Personally I would never go to any other network, unless vodafone went bust !!
A few years ago I had a problem with my bank and vodafone were more than happy to give me more time to pay my bill (without disconnecting me or limiting my usage).
90% of times I have had to customer services i have found them very polite and helpful. Of late, not so knowledgeable unfortunately? perhaps they have moved offshore.

good products and service

cheap products. good delivery.


poor communication/deliver

ordered a dressing table shown as in stock.
terrible communication from next regarding delivery.
waited over 3 weeks.


excellent with kids

love R&B for my kids' shoes.
they take time and have lots of patience


love lipsy

can always rely on good old lipsy for a decent frock


love a good nosey

even when not buying - i love having a good old nose at the houses for sale


love asos but no longer cheap

excellent site, love the clothes, delivery is excellent, but the prices are increasing all the time.
i used to be able to get a decent frock for £30 - now am looking at £50-80 for the same quality :(
there are now cheaper retailers who i tend to use more.



no probs with paypal but then again i dont sell anything.
i only use it to purchase securely


timeline is pathetic

again facebook decides to make a total change of the format without giving users a choice.

the timeline view is truly awful and confusing.
i will give it 2 weeks to try and get used to it, otherwise i will have no choice other than to deactivate my account. :(
my friends & family are of the same opinion and have the same intentions.

Just Eat

service vastly improved

had couple bad experiences (non delivery) at first and just-eat kept referring me to the take-away. my argument being my contract is with just-eat - they are responsible for ensuring all terms are met after accepting payment.

HOWEVER, i have had no problems of late and have to say i would not order a take-away directly anymore.
using Just-eat is so much easier and convenient. (no language barriers as i sometimes find when ordering chinese/indian food).
everything is in writing therefore no margin for error (busy staff taking down wrong order).

love it

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Hello Carol,

I am sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with Just Eat.

If a customer has an issue with the order we are happy to assist with this & speak to the restaurant on your behalf, I do sincerely apologise that this hasn't been your experience when contacting our customer care team.

I would be grateful if you could email me the details of the order so I can investigate this matter, My email address is

Kind regards,


David Farrer
Senior Social Media consultant


christmas order delivered promptly

even at their busiest time of year, my large order was delivered promptly and in full.
their communication with customers is very good.


love the forums

whenever i need advice, MSE forum is my first port of call.


fantastic service

Ordered late on Friday, item arrived, securely packaged, early Tuesday.
I even received an email to let me know what time my order was left in my chosen "safe place". Excellent service - will defo use again for all my dog needs.

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