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Orlando Attraction Tickets

Good Rates, Easy Payment Options, Real Tickets and Fast Delivery.

This site had the best rates I could find on internet for Disney and Universal Tickets.
I only needed 7 days ticket so found a better rate for Disney (14 days ticket are good rates too). Universal only do 14 days but better rates than buying couple of days tickets direct from Universal. Option of paying for tickets in instalments was a welcome bonus as the ticket rates for these parks cost the same as flight to Florida from UK. Once the deposit is paid I was given a date when rest of the payment will come out. Till that date you still can log in and pay in different instalments or pay the rest on due date. Tickets were sent in recorded delivery which I received the very next day. Disney tickets provided can be linked with your disney accounts using ticket numbers which will activate your fast plus option online. Overall a good experience and good service.

Barrington Sports

Brilliant Service

I purchased couple of cricket equipments from Barrington sports recently and the service received was brilliant and hassel free. I had to return 1 item and then I noticed that it was free to do so via click and collect. This is an amazing service and takes care of all that additinal expense of returning your product if it is not suitable which happens when it comes to internet purchases. Delivery of the product and refund of the item returned was done promptly so no complaints there.

Overall a great shopping experience.


"Your personal details sold to anyone for a fee"

People have started making money out of everything. Even if it means by selling your personal details. This is one of such sites. I have faxed them to remove my details ( It is very hard to get through to the fax line) and still they haven't removed my details off the website. I was informed that if you don't opt out while updating the electoral register these companies buy your details and sell it to whoever pays the money.

They provide your

Other Occupants
Electoral Roll
Length of Occupancy
Property Price

of course for a fee.


Proform 480 Elliptical Trainer: Expensive Piece of Junk

Don't even bother buying this product manufactured by this company as it is such a waste of money. I purchased this 2 years back and registered for warranty. First 6 months went well then the problems started. Console was changed 3 times as it kept on blowing up. First they told me it is the adaptor I am using and when I informed them I purchased the adaptor from them they didn't have much to say. After the third blow out they finally decided that there is a problem and send out an engineer. I had to wait for 3 months for engineer visit as the parts were not available due to a warehouse move. After the engineer visit I noticed that the right pedal cracked. I reported this fault to the company and a very rude lady from their customer support (Icon health and fitness) informed me it is my fault. I called back after couple of days to complain and one nice gentleman was kind enough to send me a replacement free of charge when the other staff member I spoke to was ready to charge me £48 for the same. I tried to fix the pedal when I realised the welding connecting the leg of the machine has come off and at this point I gave up.

Dismantled the product and dumped it in a "Ecofit" way. £480 down the drain. Please don't waste your money join a Gym or buy a better equipment which works. Please note that you need to register for extended free warrenty else you will miss out plus end up paying more for repairs which will happen for sure.



Emirates is an airline which stands out from others. Their long haul and short haul flights have excellent facilities, entertainment and service. I have travelled with them many times and each time had a great experience. Competition is tightening up in the industry and they have to start keeping up with Qatar airways. A380 is an amazing flight with two decks. First class and business class facilities are amazing and the economy is not bad at all. Extra legroom and better entertainment system (ICE) serves you well.

First change (unless you are travelling on a specially discounted ticket) is free and chargable after that. This has come in handy couple of times but I should mention that airline is very accomadating. Wish most of the airlines provided similar service.

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"Good Service"

I was really happy with the service I received from Currys. I went into Stevenage branch of Currys to buy a cheap windows 7 laptop but walked out with and Apple Imac. Sales person was really good. Credit where it is due. He had good product knowledge and he did convince me to try out Imac. I was completely new to Snow Lepord and I have never used it before as I was a big fan of Microsoft (till the day I started using Imac). Imac was pricey but you get what you pay for.

Coming back to the point of service it was excellent. Since then I have visited Currys for other purchases and also recommended couple of friends.


"Cheap Airline and Cheap Service"

Unless you are on a budget (please expect a budget service) avoid this airline. Poor customer service and extra cost for baggage, allocated seating (optional). Additional booking fees for booking using credit card.

Hopefully they wont start charging for using the toilets on the flights.


Cheap rates on flights


Poor Customer Service, Extra cost for check in luggage
If travelling with hand luggage they will make sure even female passengers have to put their bag in the handluggage. Extra cost for allocated seats.

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"Good Service and Price Match is great"

It is nice to see that service provided by this supermarket is great. Staff is friendly and helpful. They also have a price match and voucher scheme which works out great. Strong contender when it comes to fuel prices as well.

"Great to book online but call centre is a let down"

I have two holidays with this company and the first one was a breeze. Las Vegas trip worked out cheap compared to the deals I was getting during the time. Recently I booked two days break for Dublin and that experience was interesting.

I checked the details online and was about to book online. As we were a party of six I decided to call up the call centre. I got through to an overseas call centre and managed to find the deal I was looking for. I explained to the agent that we were a party of 6 and the money will be paid on two cards. I admit that agent was very accommodating and explained the first card payment will be 70 % of the total and the second will be 30 %. I informed her that I am not happy with this and she agreed that it will be fine to pay for 4 people on one card and 2 on the other. All prices and flight times were agreed and booking continued. When it came to processing payment whatever I explained about paying for 4 people on one card went out of the window. She quoted 70% of the charge. As we were back to square one I explained what I wanted again. Agent informed me that it should be done as 2 booking. Once the second booking was created we carried on with the payment. Before processing the payment the agent informed me the amount she will be deducting of the card and asked my permission. I agreed as everything was correct. I was waiting for the first payment to be processed she came back on the phone and informed me that the prices have gone up. I was a bit confused and questioned it. The agent informed me that she works on a live system and prices can change. I informed her that I am not happy about this as you were just about to take payment for a agreed amount. She informed me that there is nothing she can do and even a manager cant help. I informed her that I was disappointed with the service but " I cant do anything was the reply".

I was not happy about this so I decided to book it via Expedia website. I found that the rates were the same as before and nothing different. While entering the details of the passenger I noticed that the agent had spelt one of the passengers name wrong which I was not happy about as this would have coasted us more if it needed to be changed later. I entered correct information and continued with the booking. Once the booking was at payment page. The price changed and came to the amount agent mentioned on the phone. I noticed that the difference in price was only £5 per person which the agent failed to mention. On the positive side we didn't end up paying extra to change passenger spelling.

Personally I feel that they should have adjusted the fluxuating rate after the price was agreed which would have been the real Expedia experience ( they would have gained that additional 2 stars)


Easy to use website, Good Deals, No Credit Card Charge.


Overseas call centre was a let down both on quality and service. Rates can fluxuate so until last minute you wont know how much you are paying.

Peak Health Distribution Ltd

"Good but expensive"

I recently purchased PHD Whey Protein from this company and I found the service very good. They charge for the delivery but the product was shipped and delivered on time. Prices are ok and as far as I understand PHD- and Monster supplements are owned by the same company trading under two names.

Monster supplements advertise with delivery price and PHD.


Easy to purchase online, Good email update about purchase and delivery Tracking. Price Match.


It is expensive compared to Monster Supplements.

Example :

PhD Nutrition Lean Degree - 120 Caps

PHD - Fitness : £29.00 plus delivery

Monster supplements : Monster Price £28.49 (Delivered)

I know it is couple of pounds difference but please dont forget it is the same company trading under two names.


"Reasonable deals but poor after sales service"

We booked a Hawaii cruise and Las Vegas stay with this company and to start with everything was fine. We got a reasonable deal and the agent was helpful. I requested a call back over the weekend to put down the deposit but agent asked me to call back. I was surprised that agent didn't try and secure the deal like other travel agents I spoke to on the same day but took it as a positive of no pressure sales tactics. I called them back after the weekend and put down £700 deposit. All details were taken down and booking went through fine. As mentioned earlier agent provided all the necessary details and his experience reflected in his answers to my questions. Please note that agent and the company did make it clear that if I decide to cancel my holiday I will loose the deposit so they have done this by the book.

After couple of months I had a family problem and couldn't travel on the dates. I called the agent up and he informed me that he can possibly try and rearrange the cruise if I choose the same liner or can work out some deals for another cruise if I choose a different liner. Again I was asked to find a deal instead of the agent looking one for me. I didn't think much of it and couldn't find anything great. I called the agent back and informed that I cant find any other cruise itenary with the liner and checked about a new booking which a cruise and stay deal from Hawaii. Agents response was " It has been ages since I looked into a flight to Hawaii but leave it with me and I will get back to you within couple of days". He asked me to email him holiday cancellation letter which I did on the same day. The impression I got from the conversation was he couldn't be bothered to look around for another deal but I was happy to give him benefit of doubt. I waited for a week and heard nothing from the agent or the company. After two weeks I had one of the accounts staff call me from the company asking about rest of my holiday payment. I explained that I have cancelled my holiday and emailed the agent about it. I also informed the staff member that the agent promised me a call back but I haven't heard anything. The staff member informed me that she will speak to the agent and he will call me back. Till this day I haven't heard anything from the agent or the company.

Low prices could be a result of many things (special deals, Off season etc....) so before you jump in please check whether the weather and tourist season for the month you want to cruise.

Things to check while booking:

Whether the deal is Cruise Only, Fly Cruise, Cruise and Stay.

Transfer etc... included

Tips on board ( This is something you may be able to pay in advance or have to pay on board)

Hidden costs ( In the deal we got we had stay in Las Vegas and had to take an internal flight to Los Angeles. There is a additional charge for baggage which you have pay on check in and it is not included in the price).


Reasonable Deals


Poor After sales service, Hidden costs


Best search engine ever

I am a big fan of google. I use it every day and havent gone back to using any other search engine since I was introduced to it 10 years back.

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Dolphin Fitness

“fast and efficient service”

I ordered Reflex Creapure Creatine (500 grams) from Dolphin and even though I only paid for next day delivery before 5.30pm I received the product next day before 13.00. It worked out cheaper even after paying for next day delivery when I compared different prices online. The only downside I can think of is that I tried to get in touch with Dolphin customer service two time on the same day (this was to discuss the problems during an online transcation) I was on hold for atleast 10 minutes both times which didnt impress me much. I got fed up waiting and ended the call else they would have got all 5 stars.


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Service and Quality is the name of the game, if it's good at the price I will be nice.