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Great Company and First Class Service.

I have purchased several things from Lisa and Keith and the goods were exactly as described on their site, from the moment that Iplaced my order until it arrived at my door Cloud9 kept me informed all the way, it was well packed and nicely done, plus on a few occassions they sent me a freebie along with my order, that was a nice touch, I like that, plus a few times I had to contact them about an item, they responded very quickly with an answer and they were very knowledgeable about their products and they were also very polite, what else can i say about this company except that for anyone who is looking for Vaping gear then i would highly recommend Cloud9 Vaping, a definite 5 stars from me.


Great Product, Great Service.

I have been vaping now for just over 12 months, during that time i have tried several companies some good and some not so good, like other vapers i was looking for good products at good prices, that is when i discovered uk-eliquid, since i have started purchasing from them i have yet to be dissapointed with either the product or the prices. A lot of these other companies have all singing all dancing fancy logos and their prices reflect their fancy website, uk-eliquid is not about dazzling their customers with logos, they simply put their effort into just great products with great prices and fast delivery plus their loyalty scheme will save me some of my hard earned money on future purchases. For anyone who enjoys vaping and are looking for good value and great prices then do yourself a favour, try uk-eliquid you will not be dissapointed, i rate this company very highly and i think you will to.


Great Cameras, Great Prices, Great Company.

My wife and i are childcare providers, a few years ago we decided to install a cctv system on our premises, we began by fitting a wireless system which was a complete disaster, there was nothing but intereference from the microwave, the internet and various other things, we contacted the supplier but he could not help us.
One day i was on the internet and i came across SPYCAMERACCTV and am i glad i did, they were brilliant, they had a variety of cameras on their site and because of my last experience i was not sure which camera was best.
I rang SPYCAMERACCTV and they were really helpful, they help me choose wich system was best for me they even sent me extra wide angle lenses with my order which they did not have to do, even when you phone them with a problem they will do everything to sort it out for you.
If anyone is looking for a cctv system then do not hesitate to ring this company they are excellent and even if you need your system in a hurry they will even do their best to get it to you next day, all in all i would rate this company very highly both on the quality of their products as well as service, without doubt for me they score top marks in every department.


High on Voltage, low on performance.

Purchased this a few days ago after doing a lot or research on the internet, i have been vaping for about a year now and i was looking to step up to something with a variable voltage, the Lavatube looked liked the most viable option.
The order arrived very quickly, very pleased with the service, it was the usual magnetic clasp box which i like, upon opening i was a bit dissapointed that there was no uk adapter luckily i had one from another model, perhaps eCigWizard might include this in the future or even state on their site that it is not included, but anyhow it was not a major problem.
After charging the battery and fitting the atomiser i started using the Lavatube, it took me awhile to find the right voltage to enjoy both the throat hit and the flavour of the ejuice i was using. the Lavatube was fairly straightforward to use, the only thing i would have liked was the button on the side to be maybe a different colour or to light up to show that the atomiser was working and to give an idea of the battery condition.
I was quite pleased with the way in which it was performing until the atomiser stopped working, i had been vaping at 4.7 volts which is way short of any chance of overloading the atomiser, i would have liked to have had a voltage meter just to see what load was being put on the atomiser during use, i was dissapointed just after a few days the atomiser stopped working so now i am backed to vaping at 3.7.
Overall for me the Lavatube for the price is ok, i have gone back to using my other eCig, perhaps if i get another high voltage atomiser i will go back to using it again, taking everything into account out of 10 i would give this an average of 7.
Would i buy another one, probably not, would i recommend it, apart from the issues just mentioned yes i would but not for a heavy vaper.

PROFILO - John Morrow

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