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love this company

I love going into maplin. I never have a clue which cable or widget it is that I need and despite my terrible descriptions they always find me the right thing. Have saved so much money going direct to them instead of contacting the likes of BT, Sky, etc. Well worth visiting.
Can't use the website at all though - way too complicated!


dissapointed in own brand white goods at JLP

Having always had wonderful customer service in-store I have now been left dissapointed with the after sales experience.
To be fair on JLP I bought my washing machine three and a half years ago. It of course broke down as soon as it was out of warranty, I am well aware that isn't their problem.
Problem is it isn't just a little break down, the main board has gone which basically makes the machine irreparable - will cost more to fix than buy a new machine apparently.
I have never had a washing machine last less than ten years. I always get it serviced annualy. I was very surprised to find at the first breakdown that there was nothing I could do.

So I contact JLP about my problem to see if they could help. They ignored the first few emails but eventually they responded to say I was out of warranty. Yes I knew that, but I needed to know who made the 'John Lewis' machine so I could find out if there was another way of getting it sorted out.
They eventually sent me the name of a company. I contacted them several times, no response. Eventually got someone on the phone who said - "we dont deal with customer enquiries, dont know why they have given you our number".

So broken machine and no way of fixing it. Don't normally buy own brand white goods but JLP brand trust got the better or me. Product was the same price as branded machine as well. I will know better next time.


no customer service whatsoever

The biggest problem Yodel have is that they do not empower their CST staff to do anything. They may as well be a recorded message for all the power they have to help you.
They cannot transfer you to a manager, they cannot make enquiries at the depot, they cannot contact the driver. They also don't appear to record anything against a customer record.
The managers do not call you back within 2 hours. Often because, as one finally told me - we have nothing to tell you! How about actually looking into the problem instead of just looking at a screen?

Another issue is that the team who are responsible for booking deliveries in with customers will continue to do so regardless of whether or not the stock is in the depot. Whilst I understand they have to make the presumption that it will arrive, when faced with the evidence of four failed deliveries due to 'mislocated' stock. They still continue to try and make bookings with you. We were told they could not see any details on the screen and are simply a messaging service.

The icing on the cake for us was when we were told our missing item would be delivered on Christmas Eve and the van actually arrived.... with nothing on it. Apparently the drivers had failed to notice a missing king size bed, mattress and headboard. There were literally a few boxes rattling around in the back. We are not responsible for loading the vans he said. Wow nothing lilke pride in your job is their.

We are in the nightmare scenario of Dreams beds and Yodel. I will never use a company again who uses Yodel for deliveries. Shame really as I liked HDN.

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