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Ordered dog food as per usual, but customer service has gone bad!!

I have six rescue dogs and do a lot of fundraising for several dog charities through Facebook, websites, etc. - I have always used GTW Titmus for pet supplies and have referred loads of people their way. However, I recently put in an order for three boxes of Naturediet... when I opened a few packs out of the box, they were off (really foul smelling, rotting fish mixed with vinegar - you get the idea). Packs out of two of the three boxes were completely bad. I contacted them and was issued a refund for the seven packs I opened, but not the rest. Several emails went back and forth and I was eventually told to open all the packs, as it was very unlikely that they could all be bad. I opened several more and still the same gagging smell. Again, I contacted them and asked that their manager get in touch, as I refuse to continue opening rancid packs. I have yet to hear back and at this stage, I'll throw the packages away and never order from them again.

This is the first time this has happened, but I'm so put off by them as a company that I will shop elsewhere. I have ordered this food before, so know what it should smell like and to argue that it's unlikely that a whole box can be off is just bad customer service. I would have expected them to take the product back and either send it to the manufacturer for testing, OR simply open a few packs themselves - it wouldn't have taken them long to refund me (given the smell).

City Link

OMG... just shoot me

I've been waiting for these jokers to collect a parcel for the last 2 days! I've received no communication, no apology and when I've contacted them, I get the standard wait until 7:30pm and call back if they don't turn up, by which time it's too late to do anything about it! It's pathetic and I will never use them again!


LOVE Rightmove

I'm addicted to this site. I love looking at property and this gives me my fix. I've found some amazing places on here - it's so useful. If I'm moving to a part of the country I don't know, I use their map search, which helps locate where the property is in relation to shops, main roads, etc.


Good Service, But Pricey

I've been with Orange for at least 10 years and I've never had any problems - coverage is good, customer service is fairly good (despite one annoying man), etc. However, their prices seem to be getting higher and my bills are about £10 more per month recently. I haven't changed the way I use my mobile, so there's no reason for the higher bills. I think it may be time to shop around... shame, I'm quite comfy.


OK, but prices are a little over the top

I quite like Boden, though I don't think the quality is all that - not for what you pay. I expect better...


Love their clothes, but too expensive!

I do love Toast. The things I do own by them have lasted me for years, so they're doing something right. I just find the prices high, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Useful company

I usually book through because I find their website easy to use. Their prices aren't always the cheapest, but I've had no problems with them in the past. I'll continue to use them


GREAT idea

Easyfundraising is genius. Every time I purchase on-line, I go through their website to raise money for charity. They've teamed up with loads of big name company's (Amazon, John Lewis, etc, etc) who donate either an amount or a percentage of the sale every time you shop. It's then given to your chosen charity. I'll only shop with companies would are registered with Easyfundraising.



I've been selling items on Ebay recently and use parcel2go for any International, or heavy items. The service is so quick and easy. It's all booked online - you just box up your item, print the labels and any other forms they send you, then they come to your door and collect. Easy. Love them.


Very handy

I use Paypal both as a seller and a buyer. It is quite expensive, however it has saved me money in the past during a dispute. Unlike credit cards, if there's a problem you can open a dispute online and then escalate to a claim, if necessary and it will be dealt with all on-line (which for me is important). I would recommend them for on-line shopping.



I needed an emergency supply of ink so ordered over £200 worth and paid 8.95 for Next Day Delivery Before 1pm. I received an email confirming that my order had been accepted and payment was taken. I received another email this morning confirming that my package had shipped. It's now 2pm and no package. I rang the company only to be told that firstly, it's with their courier and there's nothing they can do, and secondly, only 2 cartridges were sent (I ordered 12). To add insult to injury, the woman I spoke to was rude, patronising and refused to pass me on to her supervisor. I'm absolutely livid!. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

UPDATE: It's now 9th Feb and I've yet to receive my full order and haven't been refunded... pathetic! I've opened a case against them in Paypal


Ok service, but overpriced!

I find BT's service ok, nothing brilliant, but they're very expensive and have too many 'offers'.

Just give me a simple service where I know what I'm being charged and what for, without all these 'friends and family', 'evening & weekends free', 'international freedom', etc., etc. It's all nonsense...


Thank god for Lovefilm!

Ok, maybe a little dramatic, but I live in a remote part of the country and having films posted to me and being able to watch on-line is a lifesaver! The only down-side with some of the DVDs is that they need a clean. Other than that, it's a brilliant service.


Great food, good delivery

Ok, so I'll pay more to shop at Waitrose, but I think the quality is brilliant and the variety is always good. They also sell local produce and support the local community, which I like. Delivery is always on time and the drivers friendly (and carry heavy bags us 2 flights of stairs!) Love Waitrose!


Good content, if you can make it out

I wish I understood half of it. The website is messy and hard to pick through and really needs re-designing. Shame.

Most annoying adverts ever!

I haven't ever used Moonpig and won't, just because of the mind-numbingly irritating adverts. Seriously, who came up with those?!


A heart attack waiting to happen...

Sorry Dominos, but the pizza is greasy, too bready and overall fatty. Ewww...


Not a massive fan of Tesco

I find Tesco a little sleazy and don't like to shop there. I'm not convinced that they're very ethical or have their shoppers/producers best interests in mind. It feels as though profits override everything else...


I always use Google

Love it! Not sure what else to say, but that it's a great service! 'Google it' should be added to the dictionary

John Lewis

You can always count on John Lewis...

John Lewis is like a pair of comfy shoes. They're dependable, reliable and always deliver when they say they will. It's an institution. AND they donate to my chosen charity through easyfundraising, which is brilliant!


Love eBay!

I buy and sell on eBay and love it! I'm a big fan. In the past I've had a problem with a purchase and had to get eBay involved. They handled the case well and very fairly, looking at both sides, etc. In the end, the case went in my favor, which was nice, but also very honest of them. I felt like I was protected as a buyer.

I would highly recommend them!


Definitely, the worst service ever!!!

I decided to switch over to Virgin Media for my telephone, internet and TV, and it was the worst mistake...

I had problems right from the start. They cancelled connection appointments, then showed up to connect, but didn't have the correct tools, then a different team had to be called in because of the height (despite me telling them that I was on the 2nd floor beforehand), then another team had to come because the 'special heights' team couldn't fit the interior fittings, etc., etc. - that went on for about 2 months.

Once it was finally connected, the overcharging started. I was charged for services I didn't order or receive. I spent hours on the telephone trying to explain what I had ordered and to try to put it right - it was never sorted out and it continued throughout my time with them. Then I found out that my BT line was never cancelled by Virgin (as was agreed and confirmed in writing) and was subsequently charged by BT for line usage for 3 months - again, hours on the telephone trying to explain/get some help etc., etc.

Finally, after months of nonsense I decided to cancel my contract, again spending hours on the telephone only to be told that I'd have to buy my way out of my contract. So, despite Virgin consistently breaking our contract throughout my time with them, I was now having to pay my way out... Ha! I finally agreed to paying a sum and washed my hands of them. Or, so I though...

Several months later, my old neighbor (I had moved by this time) contacted me to say that he'd been receiving threatening letters from a debt collection agency regarding my 'outstanding' Virgin bill. Typical. Virgin not only messed up again with my account, they even got my address wrong! By this point I was enraged and completely fed-up. I wrote to the CEO of Virgin explaining the situation and the complete lack of customer service I'd received and I actually got a response! The account has now been cleared and hopefully that will be the end of Virgin (though, I don't hold my breath).

I will never use Virgin Media again!


I love Amazon and they donate through Easyfundraising!

I order most things through Amazon and have always found them to be excellent. They have great customer service - I've never had a problem with returning goods, or with items that haven't arrived (due to post), etc. I've been using them much more recently, as they give donations on each order to my chosen charity through easyfundraising. Brilliant! I would highly recommend them.


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