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About time! A sofa company that manages to deliver on time first time

After being let down by idiots claiming how amazing they are and being left needing something to sit on, I came across this concept of design and build your own sofa. Delivered within a couple of days, excellent communication, faultless courier (Pink), took about 1hr and a half to put together. Very comfortable and very happy with it. Especially the price.


mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Risposta da Nabru Limited

Hi There

Thank you for your time to review Nabru. We are pleased you are happy with your sofa and the service you were given. All of our sofas come flat pack which are assembled in the room so you will have no problems with access. We are pleased you found the assembly process straight forward and as everything simply slots together there is no need for any screws or nails. Many Thanks, Team Nabru.


Same opinion as everyone else - CRAP!

Don't deliver when they say.

No phone number on their website.

No point.

NICE TO SEE THE FAKE 5* REVIEWS WRITTEN BY THEMSELVES - The only ones that are confirmed by XDP and the only review ever written by that person. Pathetic.

Update: ref was ZWASSR072441 and its apparently still sat in your warehouse even though it should have already been delivered. As a result of your failure to deliver or communicate the order has already been cancelled and refund is being processed so you can send it back and explain to them why you are losing them customers.

mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

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Hello, Can you let me have your consignment number I will have a look at it for you.

I can assure you any positive reviews are not done by xdp, or anyone connected to xdp, we do send on average 15,000 parcels a night the majority without any problems hence the positive reviews.
Regards Jennifer


They claim exceptional service and it is - exceptionally BAD. They claim fast delivery but fail to deliver - total muppetry. If you've ordered from them CANCEL NOW and use a professional retailer

Ordered a sofa last Friday after they claim Next Day Delivery. Stay in all Tuesday, the booked and agreed delivery date. No contact to say its not coming. I phone them at 4.30pm and they say its not coming. They couldn't be bothered to get in touch.

Very poor service. First and last ever order from a third rate outfit.

Conversation went:
Me: "So why has nobody bothered to let me know its not coming today?"
Them: "I'm can only say I'm sorry"
Me: "So when IS it being delivered?"
Them: "Just keep checking the tracking information every day…"
Me: "Just a minute… every DAY? You mean you've no idea when it's coming at all even though your website states in stock and available for next day delivery, and you claim to provide amazing next day service. Are you expecting me to take the next few weeks off work hoping that it might finally arrive one DAY?"
Them: "No the courier will phone or text you"
Me: "Well clearly they haven't bothered to today when it was supposed to arrive. Can you give me the telephone number for XDP as there is none on their website?"
Them: "No we don't have one."
Me: "Just cancel the order then."

They seem to fail to understand that self-employed people cannot afford to stay at home all day for something not to arrive as they are not able to be out earning.



mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

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Please accept our apologies for the problems you have had with getting your item delivered. I am investigating your order and will call you as soon as possible with an update on your order.

Kind Regards

Idiots beyond belief - AVOID!!!

Back in November ordered a sofa from these clowns. Website states delivery 4-6 weeks, in-stock, direct from manufacturer.
Telephoned them the day before delivery to confirm all was well and would go ahead as we were going to get rid of old sofa. Apparently manufacturer would call us with eta.
Delivery day comes and no sofa. Telephoned Studio who say they cannot give us the telephone number for the manufacturer because they don't know who the manufacturer is, but the manufacturer will telephone us as soon as its ready to deliver. Yes you read that correctly - we will be phoned by the manufacturer but they don't know who the manufacturer is !!! So who have you passed our details to? They don't know.

So now we have nothing to sit on thanks to complete incompetence from a shocking cowboy outfit. Don't even waste your time peeps, you'll regret it!

I should have read the other reviews on here because clearly Studio is not the place to buy a sofa - they seem unable to deliver (pardon the pun). Perhaps they should concentrate on selling cards because home furnishings is not an area they are capable of dealing in. I have now cancelled the order rather than have any more poor service, lack of information, and general incompetence.

Update: I haven't responded to your reply because as stated I've cancelled the order because you are incompetent. Pretending to care by posting a reply after the horse had bolted is clearly pointless and highlighted by many other reviews.

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lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Risposta da 24studio

Hi Bernie

I'm sorry to hear of the problems that you've had with your Sofa order. We would like to look into this for you and have requested details from you regarding your account via Facebook, but have not yet had a response from you.

If you would like us to look into this for you please reply to our private facebook message with your account details and we will be able to progress this.

Thanks and Kind Regards
Laura @ Studio

Ukmoney Solutions

SPAM senders of unsolicited text messages

These idiots are the nasty people that get hold of your mobile number illegally and text you at all hours of the night and day pestering you about PPI, but DONT REPLY because firstly it will cost you each time you do, and once you reply (even STOP to try and stop it), they then know that your number works and they will continue to bombard you and sell on your number to other rogue illegal outfits

Mysmokingshop Ltd.

Impressive and professional online service

From the website it tells you that this guy has been in business for years on the high street, and has now started selling online. You can see from the way the online ordering goes, the email confirmation of processing and dispatch that this guy has survived on the high street by being professional, and has now embraced the internet to keep going and move with the times. And good luck to him, prices are excellent, delivery charges are cheaper than going into town, choice and selection is brilliant. Ordered yesterday, should have them tomorrow.


Worse than pay day lenders. Not reputable, devious and rude

These are operating a fantastic money making scheme -- for them. The way they calculate interest is unlike any other reputable credit card, and will leave you paying a fortune. Their APR is high, the interest is calulated to leave you paying more interest than your payments unless you pay in full as soon as the bill comes.

This is not the card for anyone who doesn't clear in full, and let's face it - they advertise and aim at those that don't.

On their website it states I have a direct debit set up. When I asked for the bank details of this direct debit they said you don't have one set up. So if I hadn't queried this and thought, oh they'll take the payment and obviously that wouldn't actually happen, I'd get charged for failing to pay - and they'd blame me for thinking their website was accurate with them being a financial institution. Furthermore, if you try and make a debit card payment online it rejects every time, ring up and use the same card over the phone and it works. However, if you have tried twice to make payment online and it fails because of their system problems, they refuse to take payment over the phone THAT day and insist you have to call back another day! As they charge interest daily, by them refusing to take your payment because of THEIR system problems, you'll pay more interest as items are charged from the date they appear on your account, so if it takes you longer to get your money onto the account they are raking up even more interest and its not your fault their systems fail. As it clearly states on your statement: "Interest is charged on a daily basis so interest payments will increase the longer you take to pay, even before the monthly payment date". What an underhand devious money making scam!

Very amateur website that doesn't work and gives misleading information that only serves to make them more in charges and interest by cheating the customers.

If you'd avoid the likes of payday lenders like the plague, you'll be well advised to avoid these fagans.


Scammers - WATCH OUT!

When you ask for a quote you'll get offers by text and what looks like a mobile number to ring. They don't warn you in the text that the call is not part of your free mobile minutes but actually a premium rate mobile number that will cost you a fortune while you're sat on hold or going through the menus. There is absolutely no warning on the text about the charges of ringing this number which begins "07034" and looks like an ordinary mobile.
If you go on [external reference] com you are given genuine mobile numbers so its easy to think this is the same. It's not!

Don't get stung by the website claiming "Receive no-obligation trade quotes on cheap car parts within minutes via email, text or telephone absolutely FREE" because as soon as you reply their premium phone line cash registers are ringing up the profits!

If you look them up on Companies House, you'll see that they change registered address several times from Warwickshire to Essex to London, The directors and secretaries are appointed then resign the next day. Make of it what you will but to me I can't really give them the benefit of the doubt that there isn't something sinister here.

You'll be seeing them on Watchdog soon!

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Had a telemarketing cold call from 01903703400. No idea who it was, did a quick google and discovered it was these people. I'm on the TPS register to stop marketing calls and also ex-directory! Further searches revealed this is the same company as - a shoddy set of scammers also run by the industry named "scumbag" owen bloodworth.

Do yourself a favour and keep away - they've changed their name but you know what they say about leopards!


They need to fold this company

Just had some goods sent to me by this company, smashed beyond use, clearly intentional.

Couriers like this company deserve to go bust. Sadly they continue to operate as management clearly don't care about the massive negative attitude of their staff, the loathing they have of customers, the immense negative image this company has.

I now ASK online retailers which company they use. If its Herpes, I ask them to use another courier and if they won't then I tell them I will buy elsewhere because of the courier they have chosen. If others act the same way either they will lose business and be forced to improve or go under.

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Why shop with a company that exploits its workers?

This review is not about buying from these people, but from working for them.

Your day will start at 6am and end around 5pm, yet you will only get paid for 7.5 hours. The drivers lose about £400 a month in unpaid work. There is no recognised union and so if you complain you will be summarily dismissed.

Simply - there is too much to do within the timeframe allowed. The area covered is around 100 miles. On a motorway that would take a car about an hour and a half. You're already now down to six hours paid working time if you could manage that speed! Subtract a further two hours at the depot for sorting and scanning the stock, loading the van, printing out the paperwork and completing van checks and daily/weekly/monthly company sheets and you've only four actual hours to deliver or collect at around 50 locations, thats if you can average driving speeds of 70mph of course (which you can't because of the vehicle limiter @ 56mph). The products are "desktop delivery" which means boxes of paper etc have to be taken to the floor level and actual desk/cupboard where the customer wants the product. Which is ok but it takes considerably more time, this isn' t just go to the front desk, "sign here" "there's your stuff" and gone in less than a minute. Especially when only a wonky-wheeled sack cart is provided so sometimes one person collecting over 40 boxes from an above ground level could be at a single drop for well over an hour. Factor in the 56mph vehicle limiter, the one way systems and 'pedestrian' and/or 'no loading after 10am' zones in city centres, or single drops that are nowhere near any other drop that take another hour just for one packet (that cannot possibly be cost effective and would be cheaper to post) and with an average of 50 drops per day it soon becomes a mammoth task to complete all drops within an effective 4 hours paid delivery window.

The final pettiness of this company though has to be when you take the van to the fuel station. You are given two cards, a BP card to pay for the fuel and a Nectar card - yes THEY get the points and you have to record the number of Nectar points on your manifest. They don't even let you have any little perks!

So, in an ethical and moral climate, do you really want to do business with people who exploit the front line workers?

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Glad I used Trustpilot

Was about to order a Mac Mini from here. Now I won't because they clearly an non-UK based and absolutely awful to deal with.

Also I note the positive reviews are by reviewers with only 1 review to their name. Always makes me think their own staff write those reviews!

Just paid an extra £30 and bought it from [External link removed]. It's worth paying a bit more sometimes to go with tried and trusted and have peace of mind rather than use some scammers.

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Well you do get what you pay for as they say. Cannot recommend

Have been with them about 9 months or so, for broadband and line rental, as they were offering a competitive deal. Thats the positives dealt with.
The negatives - poor line speeds, regular disconnection, downloads so slow it takes over 5 minutes to load a web page (ironically their website support pages at the time!), low monthly restriction (allowance they call it - which is both upload and download added together) which soon gets used up having to press refresh on your browser all the time. Feels like I spend more time trying to get it working than using it. Found their support useless too, just standard responses and they hide their contact email address so you have to go round in circles through the FAQ section which is never relevant to the problem that's happening, which meanwhile uses up more of your monthly restriction, oops allowance.
It's crap, but it's cheap. So you pays your money....
If you want good reliable broadband, pay a bit more and go elsewhere. If you hardly use the internet and just want it for loading very basic webpages with no flash/media content on it then maybe its the one for you. For me, frustratingly slow, poor service so ultimately poor value.
After telling them that their broadband is throttled so much and ridiculously slow, and taking up to 7 minutes just to load their own website pages, their answer is that I have to go out and buy another router from the one they supplied OR pay for an engineer to visit. This is their award winning service? What award is this then? "Biggest cowboy outfit ISP award"? Time to refer them to the regulator as every other poor reviewer on here seems to have to do...

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Good prices and cheap fast delivery

Have used these for years, the service is absolutely spot on. Very good choice for cigar and pipe tobacco, and very keen prices. Delivery charges are very reasonable too compared to other sites. Usually get orders next day, though its down to postal service if first class gets to you next day or day after.


Good transfer deals

Credit card - was offered 0% interest rate on balance transfers for a year and also 0% on purchases through to June 2012. Haven't paid them any interest so far!
Excellent deal to switch, found them very helpful and friendly on the phone - UK call centres too so at least you can understand them, and you get through quickly too.
Online banking is straightforward.
Worth checking out their deals if you're looking to switch


Good cashback rates with no annual fee

Have used TCB and Quidco. Quidco charge you an annual fee whereas TCB pay you the full cashback and increase it the more you use them. So usually TCB are better than Quidco.
When it comes to failed cashback tracking, TCB seem better at getting you your cashback. They also will pay out when you want it, not on a fixed payout date.
Haven't come across a better cashback site yet. Though still have to wait months to get paid out. The industry itself is fraught with loopholes and failures (see this article: ) but TCB seem to be the leader.


Great to get free cash, just sometimes you have to work for it

Had a few instances where the purchases have tracked then the retailer refuses to honour the deal.
I have had to involve Trading Standards on one occasion.
For those who haven't joined up, you might read this article first:
It does offer some good advice and raises the question - who is making the offer - the retailer or the cashback site?. When it works its good, when it goes wrong both blame each other and leave you to it. Once you involve Trading Standards then you may get some redress. But it all takes time... and the effort might not be worth the amounts involved, and you're left feeling cheated. It's an area where retailers benefit whether or not you get paid cashback, so for them it's a win-win situation. Those that do rip off customers offering cashback then refusing to pay up need to be taken to task.

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Probably the best prices on the internet

Found them to be far cheaper than the likes of comet, currys, john lewis. Goods arrived within the 90 minute promised time slot. Item was damaged, offered 20% discount to keep it or replacement could be sent the following day. Delivery guys were friendly and helpful, they called in on their phone to report damaged item. Unwrapped it and took away all packaging without fuss. Shame about dent, but these things happen and they did make a generous offer or prompt replacement so that plus the excellent prices means it has to be 5 stars!

Bosch Professional

Fantastic power tools and First Class backup service

Bosch "blue" power tools are for the trade. Similar in design to some of the green DIY tools, but inside are better components for daily use rather than occasional. Hard wearing. Its good gear right enough, but when things do break down they really excel. The blue stuff has a year guarantee that if you register your product within 4 weeks of purchase, they upgrade free to 3 years. If anything fails, they send a courier out to wherever you're working, collect the faulty item and repair/replace and return it to you within a few days. All under warranty. Now that is service!


Some very good prices and fast delivery

Found some excellent prices on here, cheaper than anywhere else inc VAT & Del.

Good prices and quick delivery

Some good deals on their website, delivery next day with text giving 1hr delivery time slot. Goods arrived as promised within the hour timeslot. Impressive.
Haven't had any problems with them, and it's when things go wrong we judge a company. I'll keep using them and give a well deserved 4 stars. If they continue to be spot on then I'll happily go to 5.


Good prices, average delivery times

Haven't had any trouble with transtools over several orders. Stuff takes a few days to arrive, not a next day outfit so if you do want it quick maybe look elsewhere. But the prices and range I think are good. Latest order was sent in two parcels, one parcel went astray but that was Citylink's fault and arrived the next day [website showed 2 parcels but they only delivered 1]. When I emailed transtools, they responded quickly.
You only know how good a company is when things go wrong. Haven't had cause to fault transtools yet so until then I'm happy to keep using them.

Powertool World

Can land on a good deal

The prices are OK, and sometimes you can land on a good deal.
Had a problem recently but the MD called me personally to discuss it after leaving a review of my experience on here. Think that took some balls to make that call rather than pay lip service or ignore it. The problem stemmed from the courier making a hash of it, then was compounded by overwhelmed business and temporary under-staffing. Have withdrawn my original review rather than update, I think if someone can hold their hands up when it goes wrong, they deserve a second chance.


Security of your personal data a major issue on O2

When you browse from an O2 mobile, we add the user's mobile number to this technical information.One business owner who checked his servers' logs told the BBC that he had discovered that they contained hundreds of mobile phone numbers and said that he was concerned that advertisers could make use of the information. "They could now know not just your phone number, but all the websites that you visit, and so target you."
One Twitter user wrote: "Woah - @O2 users' mobile numbers are being beamed to every website - and ad server - they access? That's... not good."
O2 said it "would like to apologise for the concern we have caused".
There is no evidence that other networks had experienced similar problems.


Heavy marketing but they don't offer what they advertise

Staffed by ex-Asda muppets that have no idea about the products they sell or trades they claim to serve.
They claim to be trade sellers but their prices are definitely not. You'll get a better deal at your local merchant. This is after all a B&Q outfit.
Don't expect experience or good advice, they haven't a clue. AVOID.


Do not buy from here if you're in the UK - no legal rights

What it doesn't tell you on the website is the stuff they sell and advertise in Sterling doesn't ship or come from UK stock. These are grey imports shipped in from France that arrive with a 2-pin plug! When contacted they posted me an adaptor that took over a week. The goods were then found to be faulty anyway (surprise, surprise) and I had to wait for over a week for a courier to take them back to Paris, wait for them to check the item, wait for them to then process it all before I got a refund. Then they didn't refund the full amount and tried to charge me for the return courier costs even though the item was faulty. Very slow to respond to emails.
I would advise anyone in the UK to avoid dealing with these foreigners. It's a slow tedious process, and the goods are not UK models. Also, because they are based outside of the UK you have no redress regarding faulty goods or Sales of Goods Act. You have been warned.

Added response to Pixmania comments:
Yes I did eventually get an adaptor but it came from france and took a week - a little adaptor in a shoe box by courier : very environmentally friendly.
And yes, you did collect the item BUT it took weeks to get a refund AND the refund was only in full after I had to chase up for the rest of it because you tried to charge me for P&P [A review on Jan 8th 2012 by Sarah shows you didn't refund her £9 P&P also for faulty items returned. Coincidence or just pure bloody underhand cheek?].
Basically it was about five or six weeks from start to finish over a faulty product which is NOT acceptable, especially as I had to send about a dozen emails to get it sorted. That is POOR service.
I notice you make no comment as to the fact that UK buyers are not covered by the Sales of Goods Act by purchasing from you. And you obviously would not wish to advertise the length it would take for any returns/repairs to be made with the time taken to get stuff to and from France, that is if it is serviceable or you are prepared to answer emails (which is slow from my own experience.) I stand by my original warning - UK users get a very slow and rough deal dealing with yourselves because of location/logistics and poor customer service and should stick to UK mainland retailers because as soon as anything goes wrong they are outside the protection of UK law and have to hope for the best. However things are changing which won't please Pixmaniac. Read this:

mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Risposta da Pixmania


I have read your review and would like to respond to the different points you have mentioned.
I am sorry if you did not receive a UK power adaptor with your product and if you were not satisfied with our returns procedure.
Pixmania is a European company with warehouses based in France and in the UK. Certain products sold via our website are European models and as mentioned in our Terms & Conditions some may have 2-pin plugs. Adapters from European to UK plugs are supplied free of charge with your order. If the UK adaptor was missing in the parcel, we always offer to send you one free of charge.
All of the products we sell have a full warranty; we do not stock or sell grey imports.
Regarding the returns procedure, for non-conform or faulty items I can confirm that we arrange free collections with UPS. Having checked up on your order, I can see that UPS have collected your faulty product and that a full refund was issued to your credit card.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via

Kind Regards,
Pixmania Mediator


This is how all companies should be

I have been with GreenEnergy for about five years now, purely from an ethical point of view. They are one of the few companies that actually supply 100% renewable energy, and not use the renewable electricity they sell as a ‘green’ tariff towards meeting their own Renewables Obligation like the 'big 6' do. They also offer shares in their company after you have been with them for three years. They are usually the last to increase prices and the first to reduce them, acting quicker to wholesale prices and therefore benefiting customers more quickly than the big companies.
When I moved home, I asked them to supply my new address too. They were the only company out of gas, electric, telephone, bank, mobile, broadband etc that I did not have to contact after moving because they had fouled up changing my address, failing to record meter readings etc etc that other companies did. They were impressive simply because they did the basics 100% right, which clearly was not possible by any other company. GreenEnergy are prompt to answer the telephone, speak English and not over the top of you. An English company that if you care about where your electricity comes from you should check them out.
However, their website lets them down. It's gone Windows 8 style - very confusing and hard to navigate. BIG mistake!


Underhand rollover contract, poor customer service

Very devious company to deal with. Wish I'd seen this review site sooner.
I contacted ofcom, they are aware of these people and as of January 2012 they are now required to contact people regarding rolling contracts. This doesn't help the poor sods they've ripped off already. Back in August 2007 they breached Ofcom's amended General Condition requiring calls to 03 numbers to be charged at 01/02 rates.

I've come across details about their CEO Owen Bloodworth and his foul reputation in the industry, nicknamed "scumbag". You can find this here:

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A communications company that cannot communicate

Highlighted by for being cheap. And that's all they are. And everything that goes with it. Pakistani/Indian call centres with staff who have a lower IQ than the rating given here. They cannot set up direct debits properly, cannot bill properly, cannot speak properly. They will not answer your emails, though you will get a cut and pasted reply that doesn't answer your question. They will offer to call you back but never will. They are the most complained about communications company to the telecoms ombudsman. Previously called "Primus", they are a nightmare that will knock Buzby off his line!


A communications company that cannot communicate

Highlighted by for being cheap. And that's all they are. And everything that goes with it. Pakistani/Indian call centres with staff who have a lower IQ than the rating given here. They cannot set up direct debits properly, cannot bill properly, cannot speak properly. They will not answer your emails, though you will get a cut and pasted reply that doesn't answer your question. They will offer to call you back but never will. They are the most complained about communications company to the telecoms ombudsman. Now called "New Call", they are a nightmare that will knock Buzby off his line!

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These guys will fill your email inbox

I ordered some business cards, they were free but had to pay a few quid postage. The cards were OK. after day after day endless emails offering stuff they could print - T-shirts, mugs, diaries, calendars, key rings and much more. I ordered the free stuff, one of each, to have a look at the quality. I still had to pay P&P, but got allsorts free by responding to different emails and getting it delivered as slow as possible to keep costs down. I've had many products to look at and I can say that if I'd paid for these things I'd be gutted. The mugs and key rings look like they were printed on a cheap inkjet, the T-shirts might just last a few washes, need I go on? I'd definitely order just one from the many freebies you will be offered, see what you think then order in bulk if you're happy. But personally I think it's expensive for the low quality.
Interesting to note that the majority of good reviews on here are from people who have only written 1 review. Call me cynical but makes me think they have a marketing team write their own...

lunedì 7 maggio 2012

Risposta da Vistaprint

We apologize for the inconvenience and the hassle you’ve been through.
We kindly inform you that you may call us on the free toll number 0800 496 0350 to better assist you before placing the order to get the best price.


The worlds local bank, answering your call in pakistan or wherever

Can't understand a word they mumble. They talk over you. Rude. Very rude. And now their internet banking requires you to carry with you a tacky kiddie calculator to gain access, made in china and works for a few minutes before dying, that's if it even turns on in the first place. Ask them to revert back to the non-secure key era as they have alienated so many customers with it and their answer is "since you have made a complaint regarding the secure key we will be de-activating your access to the service within 60 days". Well done the Listening Bank that was - now deaf! Glad to leave you.

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Customer Service is good for such a big company

I've ordered online from Debenhams quite a lot recently, and the experience was very good considering it was Xmas and therefore couriers/stock levels/working days etc are all affected in some way. After receiving my goods I noticed they had been reduced somewhat considerably in the sale. When I called I was told the only thing they could do was to arrange to collect my existing order free of charge, refund me in full, and for me to start a new order at the reduced prices, which I did. Would have surely been cheaper to just have the difference credited to my card ? but the courier (Hermes) came when they said, and I saved 20%. When I called to query an item description they were helpful over the phone too. Big companies tend to be pretty crap when it comes to being polite and putting things right. Debenhams do a half decent job considering. I'd order with confidence - it may not go right first time, but they do seem to sort things out, and when they say they will.


A company that died when O2 took them over

As we all know O2 have gone from being a very good comms company to very aggressive and rude in the last 18 months. This has filtered through to companies they take over, such as BE Broadband. BE now take longer and longer to respond, and the call centre staff babble in their native tongue over the top of you. If things are working first time you should be ok though, and they are mid-range in price but there are much better deals out there from Orange, PlusNet etc. Their prices have increased a lot recently (about 40% = £5 extra a month!) BE are borderline average, they were better. And its easy to see why they're going downhill...choked by O2. Oh, and when you cancel you get an email confirming that "work is being carried out in your area" and your broadband suddenly goes off! Coincidence? When you're on the cancellation call they offer 2 months reduced price to stay - if you decline that they get nasty, spit their dummy out and start slagging off the competitor you're going to and saying the speeds wont be the same...blah..blah. Very professional!


The worst insurance company in the UK

Their website promised online documents so everything would be quick and easy. But the link they emailed me to retrieve them was down. In the end I cancelled the policy as I needed to tax etc and could not wait any longer. They charged me £70 for three days insurance against an annual policy of £358! Even though I was technically insured I could not drive the vehicle as I couldn't get the tax etc without the documents. They stood firm and refused to listen even though I sent evidence of their failed links etc etc. Clearly they want money off you and once they've got it your not a customer, just an interruption. Rude and nasty people, surprising as they are a subsidiary of Saga.

CCL Computers


Their faulty goods lead to damage of other equipment. They refused to even communicate with me - even the directors ignored letters sent by recorded delivery. Had to involve Trading Standards, and they even tried lying to them. Absolutely the most underhand con artists in the computer trade.

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False discount offers, cheaper elsewhere

I found this company through Quidco offering 10% cashback, so overall they came out slightly cheaper than other retailers on a £300 order. Delivery took ages but eventually arrived. They then declined the cashback so now I have paid more overall for using a firm I had never heard of, tricked by their false discount offers.
I called their general enquiries and a director answered (huge firm then?) who refused to sort out the declined cashback or to even pricematch even though they claim to do so. She even slagged off the competitors website saying "their sites very shoddy, not something I would recommend". Well sleeping solutions is definitely not recommended. Trading Standards were contacted and the money has amazingly now been paid.
It turns out this is a small outfit run out of a little unit with no stock. Everything is drop shipped by the manufacturer which is why it takes so long to get to you. Fools playing at the big I am....

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PROFILO - Tired of poor service

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