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In my opinion the worst financial company I ever had to deal with in terms of Customer relations. Accused me of 'money laundering' after their website defaulted to a £ to £ transfer (which is not allowed), claimed my passport was out of date (which it wasn't) and instantly froze my account. Website misleadingly suggest money can be transferred from many Asian countries to the UK which was actually much less when actually attempted. Complaint made to FOS. Stick with PayPal, no problems there.

6 March 2014 update:
FOS "While Exchange4Free had made an error ... and had not always been professional in the language it used ..." YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! AVOID.


Acceptable but not customer friendly...

Having logged in, I try to comment on other posts, but system demands a FACEBOOK log in. I don't have a FACEBOOK account and don't want one. I've complained about this before some months back and it's still the same.

Has Trustpoilot got shares in Facebook or something? Why do companies force people to use other companies that they may not like or agree with?

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venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

Risposta da Trustpilot

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your feedback and for using Trustpilot to leave all your reviews.

I'm sorry that at the moment you are unable to comment on reviews written by other users. This is because our commenting system is currently run through Facebook, so a Facebook account is required for commenting. However we are continually striving to improve our site and make it more user friendly.

An ongoing example of this is that at the moment the only way to register as a new user on Trustpilot is by using Facebook Connect, unless the user has received a unique link from a company based on a specific purchase. However we understand not everyone has a Facebook account and we have therefore decided to make Facebook Connect a voluntary option. This change will be effective from January 6th 2014 for new user profiles in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany.

At this point, our commenting system, for commenting on other users' reviews, will remain unchanged, but I have passed your suggestion on to our product team for their consideration.

Thanks again for all your reviews, and we hope to see even more from you in the future.

Best Regards,



My daughter buys her mother a tablet for Christmas - £140 in BRIGHTON.
Christmas day, product has a fault with screen.
Boxing Day take to Clacton store. They agree to replace it, but need receipt details.
27th Dec, return to Clacton store with receipt details - unable to replace, out of stock!
30th Dec, returned to Brighton store with receipt for REFUND.
Manager claims product damaged after sale, but after ten minutes agrees to £140 refund.
Buy a replacement from Tesco online - £99. Saved £40 and it was fault free!


Trick or treat?

Tempted to join as a way of making new friends, I did a search to find out how many users were on line - UK, Japan, Taiwan, New York between 21 & 50, at 13:30 UK time, answer = 0.
Without signing up, I was unable to find any fees that might be charged, but I did find this:
By accessing the site, you agree to be bound by the following rules:
We do not permit:
Public questioning or criticism of Just Epals policies, staff or moderator actions.
So I was kind of wondering how they intend to stop me questioning or criticising their apparent lack of members 'online' as above?


Not there when you need it!

I've been a member of a union since 1977 most of which with the CWU and even spent many years actively helping the CWU as a representative. Recently, I needed the support in a case against my employer for disability discrimination which has gone to an Employment Tribunal.
The local branch of the CWU and the Equality Department at HQ were fully supportive but once my case reached the Legal Department, they refused to help me, leaving me to fight the case on my own. UPDATE: OCTOBER 2013 - Employer settled, two weeks before Tribunal case.

So much for joining the CWU - not there when you need it! Save yourself money, leave or do not join.



Online dating which is free until you want to send or receive messages (like most).

A dummy profile with nothing in it returned a dozen or so responses from 'people' who wanted to know me, of course, to see these you had to sign up. Having signed up, you pay for a month minimum, but find subscriptions are 'auto-renewed' and to cancel you are required to telephone a number which, according to reviews on Qype, people had a hard time doing. Online cancellation doesn't exist once you've signed up and email cancellation is rejected - initially at least!

I advise anyone NOT to sign up and if they have and don't intend to renew, CANCEL renewal instructions by email or writing to the bank (which is REQUIRED to follow your instructions).

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Totally useless! OFFICIAL

1st Uselessness: Having banked with Santander for about 8 years, we opened an online savings account to save £20,000 from an insurance policy for a few months before needing the funds on a new property.

3 months on, and only a couple of weeks before needed the money, we found the account frozen due to Santander not having properly identified us. It took 3 visits to the local branch and 10 days before they finally released our own money to us. They paid us a £50 sweetener before we closed ALL accounts.

2nd Uselessness: Upon informing them my mother had died, I was told to get a copy of the death certificate in order to collect her £6,500 savings. The bank's form needed to be witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths which I did within an hour, only to find on my return that my cousin had helped herself to £2,500 to pay for my mother's funeral which she had arranged without me knowing. Santander didn't want to know and the matter has spent the last 12 months with the Financial Services Ombudsman.

3rd Uselessness: After buying from dfs, the 3 years 'free' credit was arranged by Santander Cards. After "misinformation" and errors with the handling of initial payments, they paid us a £71.20 "credit". After missing payments (using the "credit" in-lieu of payments) they started to harass us for non-payment. They charged us £12 several times for "late payments" not only when none were due, but due to the "credit" were actually in advance with payments!

Six months into a 3 year loan, they demanded the full outstanding amount even though it was only short by the "credit" which they had granted, yet a month later they demanded only the monthly payment and the "credit" shortfall! They also claimed the balance being £120 short for no obvious reason and haven't provided a statement or other details despite having asked for one on several occasions. The matter was referred to the Financial Service Ombudsman last month.

September 2013 - FSO ruled Santander must refund initial 'credit', refund £12 charge, pay £100 compensation and remove all negative credit rating as a result. (Note, apart from the time it takes for the FSO to deal with a case, ALWAYS opt to have the case dealt with by the Ombudsman if not satisfied with the initial adjudicator, and remember, complaining cost to the FSO costs the bank £500 anyway!)

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DFS Furniture

Let down by Santander Cards credit facilities

We purchased a settee and although pricey for the lightweight quality, we used dfs for the interest free credit for 3 years.

From the first payment in January 2012 until now, we've had nothing but problems from Santander, including threats to claim back the whole loan, even though the account was up to date.

UPDATE: 25 November 2013 - when we contacted DFS at the start of problems, THEY DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW. Eventually, the FOS ordered Santander to put things right and pay compensation.

lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Risposta da DFS

Hi its Matt from DFS Customer Services

Sorry to hear you have had problems with the finance company.

If you are still having problems with them please do not hesitate to call me on 01302 330 365.


Customer Service - DFS



Waited in all day, driver left a collect card! Complained to depot, manager suggested I take an anger management course. When I asked his name, he said "Fred West".

Sums up the company totally.

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Pay per adverts...

At first, was quite happy with Sky, good choice of movies and a channels to watch. Over a short period of time, I found that the same movies were repeated frequently and adverts on the other channels were appearing more frequently than the program! Dumped it in the end and switched to Freeview - same problems, but at least it cost less.



Used twice recently for two events. The first event was standing only, so was able to get a good view provided I turned up early and was prepared to wait.

The second, was at the O2, for which only the high far away seats were available. When attending the event, there were plenty of nearer seats available which I assume, ticketmaster was able to sell, so ended up with a poor choice of seats.

Each time, tickets arrive correctly and on time.


Does what it says on the tin...

Have been a customer of vodafone for over ten years and have had no problems with the company nor any reason to be unsatisfied with the service.

I've had signal when other networks have failed, and only twice had no signal for more than a couple of hours.

Telephone contact, online ordering, account records, all faultless. Long may it carry on!


Cheap and nasty...

The pizza arrived late, warm, and in a tatty box. It tasted 'okay', but I'd rather it tasted 'great'.


Waste of time...

I was hope that I could find some new frends, instead, it was a waste of time. As a 'free' member, I found that the majority of people I wrote to had a 'full' mail box and couldn't receive my message. Also, as a 'free' member, I couldn't see who 'wanted to meet me'.

As a paid up member, messages went instantly, but about 90% were never replied to. Also, Badoo shows the date within the past 7 days, when a member was online. How much beyond 7 days, was anyone's guess. Over one weekend I reported some 20+ fake pictures and was only contacted by what I strongly believe to be hookers.

Messages are limited to 10 new contacts per day, even for paying members. You can of course, pay to send more than 10 messages.

The whole system seems to be geared to getting you to pay for a better facility, which frankly doesn't seem to exist. I'm very doubtful that more than a fraction of the 'members' quoted on the site are genuine and active. Be aware.

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World Class Air Travel

Last summer (2011) we travelled twice using Thomas Cook to fly from the UK to Canada. All aspects for the flight, treatment on the plane and at the airport were second to none. Nothing was too much trouble, and the experience was a great one. Plus, we saved money on the flight and got a free hire car upgrade too!



Once my budget accommodation of choice, but during past year or so have experienced worsening quality of accommodation to the point of not trusting Holiday Inn any more.

Cambridge and Ipswich Holiday Inns were the last two we used, and both were filthy. In Ipswich, the supervisor had to clean the room before we could use it, and Cambridge gave us a free night - would have prefered a refund.

One of the better Holiday Inns we used to stay at, Hall Green, we found at our last vist was taken over by Premier Inn!


Worst place for budget accommodation...

For budget accommodation, Travelodge have gone from good value for money to simply not worth the price, however cheap. Can't fault the staff, but yet to experience worse accommodation.

If you're not at all fussy about accommodation standards then maybe they're okay for you.


Shop may be better...

Never visited the online version as service from the Colchester store has for several years been excellent. Products have always been from stock with immediate delivery and (so far) no problems with any of the products.

Delivery men once damaged the door of our new fridge, but with was replaced within days, without a fuss.


Have used Moonpig for several years and have always found their products useful, value for money, and their service efficient. Don't change a thing.


Just grrrrrrrrrreat...

Stumbled across this pets supplies company a year ago, and have since found them to offer good value for money and a quick no fuss service.


Good, and better still...

I have always found the company good, staff usually helpful to very helpful, but none more so than recently when I was interested in a satnav.

The assistant at the Clacton store advised and recommended what was since proven to be the best value satnav at the time, and went on to help obtain necessary information for obtaining USA up dates for my forthcoming visit. I have subsequently returned and purchased two more of the same satnavs as gifts.

1st Class

I have used for several years and their service and products have been faultless.

Once I ordered a £70 box set which never arrived, and when I complained, they promptly sent me another one with no fuss. Can't beat that.


Mixed blessings...

After purchasing a shredder at the Colchester store I was disappointed to find the same thing at staples online but selling for £70 cheeper! My complaint was ignored.

To my surprise, when the same shredder broke down recently and I returned it to the store where I bought it, I was given full credit towards another purchase, eventhough the shredder was 13 months old.


WAS Efficient and reliable...

Have been hosting sites with 123-reg for around 6 years, and found them to be efficient and reliable during this time.

Have no problem recommending them.
REVIEW: After ordering and cancelling a domain and website in October 2013 for which I received a full refund, I was annoyed to get a payment taken from my account for £18 on 1st January 2014.
Seems my website cancellation wasn't removed from their system so I was billed. It shouldn't have taken several emails including instructions to dial a premium rate number before they got their act together! Though I got a refund and apology within 36 hours.


Worst company I've had to deal with...

Messed up my wife's account having duplicated orders. Took a long while and a lot of hassle to get sorted out. Their fault, but no apology. Wouldn't use again.


Great value but poor customer service...

Spent 4 years with TalkTalk which was great while the service worked. It was very problematic when I experienced a fault early on as the call centre seemed to have little idea of the cause of the broadband related fault.

I dreaded moving house with them but agreed to stay with them when they agreed to do it without additional costs. Unfortunately the broadband didn't work properly during the first month, and after spending hours on the phone I eventually cancelled. vowing never to go back!


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