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no address - no response

This site looks very suspicious. Reistered very protected and created in 2012 april.
not sure how many have made purchases so far.
It say's its in florida, but no phone number provided.
the actual adress is in malaysia i believe.
can not trust unless they ave phone number and a proper email addres to contact.


Rate it to 10

I use this website to check the credibility of other online websites.
We can check the registered owners of the website, where the site is being operated from, when was it first created.
These info gives me strong confidence to give my credit/debit card details to websites for money transactions.

I also have a domain registered with them. Cool features and service.


Bidding is all you gain with

I always use the bid your price at priceline. never got dissappointed witht the options they give me.

Wheni purchase the 5$ trip cancellation insures all my money is safe and garuntee money back, when ever we cancel.

I used the site only for Flight and Hotel.


Fast Delivery - Great price deals

I find th eonline store more easy to shop and yet get great deal on price. I did my chistmas shop online at

beware, there are other similar website mentioning the same name and operated from china. stay away for that. Buy the authentic Rl goods, that ships from NC, USA.


Not good thought to invest.

Hi All,
i have read all your comments. This website was registered for a year long time. It started in 2011 and will expire in 2012. What so ever, this website came LIVE in 2011. Not sure how long they keep it running.
You can very well verify in, check for

it then display that, some one else own this. Now you can look "who is this" this give complete ldetails about the website and associated contacts.

I tried to contact them, but no response. The wire transfer is very rarely used by the 'e' market people.

the products may not be under manufacturers warrenty. or any kind of service support.

Honestly, no matter if it costs much on other places. Chose where you can get, decent response when u have trouble using them, or if it malfunctions.


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