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Parcelmonkey offer a good service at a very good price (a third of one of their competitors prices).
They have helped me out with large heavy deliveries that others cannot touch Thank You.



Parcel2go have delivered quite a few parcels for me quickly and for a fair price, my only complaint is they cannot give you a timeslot for collection.
Apart from that Good Communications and a Fantastic Service Thank You.

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Avoid my uk delivery like the plague this is my sad story of how I lost my hard earned money to them,

I first contacted myukdelivery on the 22/11/11 and on this day we exchanged 7 emails between me and Becky checking details.

I then contacted myukdelivery on the 25th to confirm and myukdelivery sent me a payment link on the 26/11/11 for £49 which I paid (this is 3 times the price that parcelmonkey would deliver it for but I paid to get a morning slot).

I didn’t get a confirmation or even acknowledgement of payment so I emailed myukdelivery on the 27/11/11 they didn’t reply!

I tried to ring myukdelivery countless times on the 29/11/11 to check they were coming but myukdelivery didn’t answer, I then emailed at 12.20 as they were meant to be with me by 1, myukdelivery replied with

Hi Clive.
Please email
Kind regards

which I did and at 12.22 myukdelivery replied

Hi James
I am sorry for this.
I will chase this up with the local depot now for you.
Kind regards

Strangely my name had changed?

I replied with “Thank you but I do have to get taken to the hospital soon and my phone number”

I then stayed in till 13.38 when I sent myukdelivery another email

“I have stayed in an extra half hour but am going to have to rush now ! I have to tell the customer he won’t have the suspension for his car (needed for his mot) tomorrow as well aren’t I ? Unless you can collect this evening ? Yours unimpressed and my phone number again”

myukdelivery emailed me back at 14.16 (bear in mind I had told them I had left for the hospital and given my phone number) to say

“Hi James
I am going to see what we can sort out for you.
I will respond shortly.
Kind regards

Whilst at the hospital I rang lots of times but no answer neither did I receive a phone call so when I got back from the hospital I emailed myukdelivery at 18.37 saying

“What’s happening ? You won’t answer either phone now but your voice message says you will respond in 3 hours to emails but I haven’t had any response since 14:16 ?

I have paid as my bank has verified and I am waiting to hear from you so I can tell my customer what’s happening or whether I have to return his £200?

Yours unimpressed Clive

At 2220 on the 29/11/11 after not having had a response from myukdelivery since 14.16 I emailed saying

As you will not answer the phone or respond to my emails

I want a full refund for the collection you haven’t collected and feel I should be compensated for my loss of earnings and the loss of my sale and tarnishing my good reputation (check my feedback) and the fact I will have to take another day off work if I am lucky enough to sell it again.

I expect to hear from you with my refund by end of business tomorrow as I have paid for a service I have not received!

I received no answer from myukdelivery until after I left bad reviews for them, myukdelivery then answered me on the 1st dec saying my refund is being processed!

I haven’t seen a refund over 3 weeks later and strangely when I paid it was out of my account the same day?

I lost half a day’s wages waiting in for myukdelivery as well as the £49 and the sale so don’t believe the convenient good reviews that appear about them or their replies as the ones they have made about my reviews are not true.
I don't expect this review to stay up long as myukdelivery keep getting my honest factual reviews removed! Yet I am hundreds out of pocket because of them and have all the emails between me and myukdelivery which I will be putting up on a blog.

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